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Pathfinder boxset?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Pathfinder boxset?

Does anyone have any rumors or idea if Gamesworkshop is gonna be making plastic Pathfinders any time soon
and if they will be in a box set with a devilfish
(just like the firewarrior + devilfish box set is now for Apocalypse)
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Default Re: Pathfinder boxset?

No. They're just not used enough to be made into plastic.

However I think the UK store already has a bundle of Pathfinders and a Devilfish to make an instant PF Squad.
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Default Re: Pathfinder boxset?

You could get by with the DF and FW box by leaving the shoulder pads and backpacks off of the FWs. You'd have to sand/file/GS the backs. Rail rifles would be a problem if you wanted to use them.

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Default Re: Pathfinder boxset?

If you take the pulse carbines and elongate it using either trimmed barrels from a pulse rifle or the antenna from the drones then you can make a pretty good rail rifle that looks similair to the ones on the sniper drones. I dont have a tutorial, but images of someone thats done similair can be found here:
Actually its worth looking at this army just for the stealth team paint job. But have a look.
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