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Another Tau victory against Chaos
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Default Another Tau victory against Chaos

Well my 2nd Tau vs Chaos (2000pts) game went very well indeed. I was concerned about the Land Raider blowing holes in my Hammerheads (which some of you may recall on my post on this matter last week), but luckily, I won the roll and my tactic won... sped two Tetras over to the Land Raider, marked it up and then took a one shot railgun blast destroying it completely! ;D I had a Piranha with Fusion Blaster heading over there as a backup, which took out a few lingering troop and let the tetras head over to the rest of the battle.

The battle just went better and better and by turn 5, the Sorceror had been killed and two Chaos marines were remaining.

Overall, I lost:

1 unit of firewarriors (12)
1 XV8
1 unit of XV15's (5)

Needless to say, I was very happy 8)

Thanks to everyone for the help and advice on the Land Raider too.
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