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2 units of Vespids – good or bad?
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Default 2 units of Vespids – good or bad?

Hi all,

Iīm still trying to find the right Tau army. One thing that pulls me towards Tau is the Vespid miniature. I really dig these minis and therefore I want to include as many in an army as possible, without loosing lots of effectiveness of the whole army.

So I want to ask you fellow players:

1. Are 2 units of Vespids ok?
2. Which unit size?
3. What elements/units are needed to complement the Vespids (or to make them stronger?)


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Default Re: 2 units of Vespids – good or bad?

I've recently started out experimenting with Vespid myself and I find that you should only ever field 1 unit at most.

Vespid are fragile, but have an effective range of 24" (12" movement, 12" shooting). They CAN fleet, but I'd only ever recommend it when trying to set up a trap for a particular unit.

Their skilled flyer rule makes it very unlikely for one to die in dangerous to die in terrain, so ideally you want them to jump from cover to cover until they can pounce.

I consider 5 Sting Wings to be a pretty perfect number, along with the Strain Leader that makes for 6 models, a number that's still pretty easy to hide. In shooting they'll kill an average of 2 Marines per shooting phase (50% to hit, 66,7% to wound and thanks to AP3, no save for anything Meq or worse) and because of their higher Initiative and equal Toughness, they can still manage to kill 1-2 marines in assault.

In other words, they're excellent Sweepers (units capable of "finishing off" weakened squads for full VP's) and can be decent Interceptors (units meant to weaken full squads for half VP's).
Personally I'd only ever use them as Sweepers, so they might be able to consolidate into cover.

Although they have a pretty sweet offensive power, they're very fragile, with a lousy Armor Save, so if you're reckless and don't give them the proper support, you'll soon find a pile of dead bugs where your Vespid used to be, I'd suggest trying to let at least 1 other unit have LoS to your Vespid at all times and stick to cover whenever possible.

In short, they're excellent for putting the hurt on Meq armies, but they're (like all Tau units) not standalone powerhouses, look after them properly and they'll tear through any unit of 4 meqs or less.
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Default Re: 2 units of Vespids – good or bad?

I made a full unit of them when the Tau codex came out. In my experience it's hard to just make one unit of these guys worth it, so I don't really see 2 units being any better. The problem really is their vulnerability and short range. They are fast, but with only one shot at 12" it will be a while before they really contribute anything to your battle plans, and because they can be quite vulnerable, your forced to keep them stuck to cover as any turn in the open can easily see them destroyed before they even accomplish anything.
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Default Re: 2 units of Vespids – good or bad?

They are better for games of kill team. etc.
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