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Weapon pyrotechnics
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Default Weapon pyrotechnics

What sort of special effects to people envision happening when the various Tau weapons fire? If Lucasarts made a movie, what should the special effects crew make it look like?

Here's what I see:
Charged particle rounds (pulse rifle, kroot weapons, burst cannon) are a glowing cyan trace. I admit Dark Crusade came up with this one, but it looks cool.

A railgun doesn't have a beam in the usual sense, but anything moving that fast is going to ionize the air it goes through, so it will look a bit like a straight bolt of lightning. There would also be a sonic boom and possibly some coronal discharge or sparks around the gun itself from the amount of electricity being used.

Fusion blaster is going to be an incredibly bright but short-lived ball of light that would have a blue or purple cast if you viewed it through thick enough sunglasses.

Plasma rifles: Dunno. Plasma is usually yellow isn't it?

Missiles are just missiles. They could be powered by anti-gravity or something similarly invisible, but a simple flame from the back works just fine. Maybe a linear accelerator to get them started, but convential flame after that.

Ion Cannon / CIB. I picture sort of a stream of sparkles. The color would flicker on the CIB since the ionization rate isn't constant.

What do you think, besides that I clearly have too much time on my hands?
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Default Re: Weapon pyrotechnics

Which member of TO doesn't have too much time on their hands? (rhetorical)

Anyway, I would guess that you are pretty much correct. But, aren't the plasma rifles pretty much just upsized pulse rifles (or vice versa :shifty and I imagined the Ion cannon to launch a ball of light with a stream of flashy things trailing behind, but thats about all I could find that was different to what I imagined.
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Default Re: Weapon pyrotechnics

Charged particle rounds (pulse rifle, kroot weapons, burst cannon): They would emit the light of what elements they are.

Fusion blaster is white with yellow glow from it.

Plasma rifles: a green bluish color (think radation)

Missiles are just missiles.

Ion Cannon / CIB. What are they ionizing, but if it was just electrons/neutron/protons they would only make a color when they go through some thing.

Rail technology: a hot metal flying through the air with a small blue streak.

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Default Re: Weapon pyrotechnics

Ever played Fire Warrior? (If you haven't don't bother...)

Pulse weaponry is pretty much all the same, so the Pulse Carbine/Rifle/Burst Cannon pretty much just shoot out blue tear-drop like masses... I'd think that Dawn of War is pretty accurate in terms of how things should shoot. Plasma in blood etc is perhaps yellow, but in terms of super-heated metal plasma, i'd expect it to be blue. It's in Dawn of War...

Railguns, I'd actually see as a bit of a bright, visual tear across your vision. It's just shooting the projectile so quickly that there's a trail of of fire from the air igniting behind it.
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Default Re: Weapon pyrotechnics

Charged Particles: Cyanish White, short trail, small energy burst on impact.

Plasma: Any colour, dependent on material turned in to plasma. Or blue, Tau weapons=blue. :P

Fusion Blaster: Reddish-Orange glow, similar to imperium Melta weapons. (or the Lava gun in Ratchet & Clank 2). Could also be blue-purple, similar to the Fusion Cannon of the Descent series of games.

Railguns/rifles: a super-hot orange-white trail, accompanied by a significant sonic boom. Either that or a look similar to a bolt of lighting due to the atmospheric ionisation.

Ion Cannon: Giant balls of lightning with medium length trails. Similar to PPC's in MechAssault 2.
CiB: Smaller version of the Ion Cannon, but with varying intensity in the core of the lightning balls.

Vespid Neutron Blaster: Classic raygun look, solid beam of green energy.

Missiles: Probably soft-launch, almost smokeless thrusters, but look really advanced.
AFP: A spherical cluster munition made of many smaller high explosive bomblets.
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Default Re: Weapon pyrotechnics

So, the missile trail would almost look like the contrail from an aircraft. (the slight mist/smoke trail caused by water vapour that comes off the edges of the wings at a certain altitude)

Pulse shot (charged particles?)- White, fading to cyan around the edges, slight oval due to movement maybe?
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Default Re: Weapon pyrotechnics

Pulse weapons: Clone trooper style blue bolts, albeit with a much meatier, throbbing sound as the weapon fires.

Fusion blaster: Short range, bluish white beam. I would say it would make a "Boom-fwoosh" sound as it fires, as if when you pull the trigger, the energy is barely containable for a second or so, before the weapon can focus it's destructive power. (Yes, I'm making the sounds as I write this. :P)

Railguns: A super-heated projectile creating a sonic boom as it travels.

Rail rifle: Silent, save for the sounds of the power pack discharging. The projectile wouldn't go anywhere near as fast as those of the full size railguns, so therefore it won't give away the sniper's existance with sonic booms, or glowing slugs of death.

Plasma rifle: A line of pulsing blue energy.

Cyclic Ion Blaster: I imagine this to have solid blue muzzle flash, as well as a flash when the particles hit something, but no visible projectiles.

Missiles: Blue efflux, smokeless and fairly quiet.

Neutron blaster: Pretty much what's on the Vespid squad box.
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Default Re: Weapon pyrotechnics

pulse weapons: not really much, maybe a small blue streak leaving the barrel but i would imagine whatever it is moves too fast to be seen, after all you cannot see bullets...

Fusion blaster: big, yellow, stream of fusing helium3 and deuterium.

Railguns: well, they would definitely make a sonic boom, but i guess they may make some sort of ionisation effect.

Cyclic Ion Blaster: its firing tiny ionised particles, so not much...

missile pods/smart missile systems: think robotech/macross

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Default Re: Weapon pyrotechnics

Hmm Physics time!

Ion weaponry
Techincally you wouldn't really have a 'light' element to an Ion stream. It would look alot more like a heat haze in the air, but a flipping big heat haze if we are think on the streanght it would need to be. However it is probable that the generator would give off some light source depending on how the Ion stream is being made.

Like if we take an Ion Stream Space Craft engine the Xenon gas creates a blue glow;

Plasma/Pulse Weaponry
Again these are two diffrent system IMO. Pulse weapons use an electromagnetic field to propel a 'ball' of plasma. This 'ball' loses strength as it Ionises the air as it passes through it at range.

Whereas a plasma rifle (like the Tau) would utilise a miniature rotary fusion reactor to create a constant stream of plasma which can be realised at will.

In both cases the plasma is going to visible as it reacts with the air, but its likely to be a white light as the photons will be of random wavelengths (kind off). Where plasma can create combustion in an oxygen rich environment you would get a yellow-red wavelength.

But elsewhere you can get other colours;

Like this lighting bolt, because here we have electrical charge flowing down a stream of plasma ions (but this is not a plasma beam so to speak).

It is likely that both weapons would create light however depending on the atmosphere of the planet would depend on the wavelength created.

Finally having build numerous Guassguns I can tell you a Railgun or Guassgun makes a noise like that of a crack of a whip. It is likely that this is the same in the Tau case (and to be honest they don't leave trails in the air (unless you count lots of ozone being produced).

Having said that at the end of a railgun you do get a 'pulse' of light. This is created when the Ion stream allowing the flow of current break and falls apart much like a bolt of lighting again. It looks much like this, so no long beams through the air, but yes close up to the gun.

...and I don't think you need me to explain how missiles work

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Default Re: Weapon pyrotechnics

With regard to the Railgun, I read recently in IA3, that it makes a "whip-crack" sound.
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