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skyray or not??
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Default skyray or not??

right i want your opinion is it worth getting a skyray or another hammerhead as i haven't played any games with my tau yet i would like too know so that when my b-day comes in 11 days i know wether to buy a skyray or another hammerhead
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Default Re: skyray or not??

With the Sky Ray investment you can make a Hammerhead, 'Fish, or Sky Ray (of course). There's a handy guide that shows how to attach magnets to make swapping around easier, much better bang for the buck in my opinion. The Sky Ray turret isn't shown but it shouldn't be too hard to handle.

Here's the link to .Mace's thread it's an awesome read.

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Default Re: skyray or not??

Originally Posted by enderwiggin
The Sky Ray turret isn't shown but it shouldn't be too hard to handle.
Heh, I have a skyray turret assembled, just not painted. But it's been like that for a while now =\. Simply put, you just take off the whole hammerhead turret assembly and the skyray one fits in place. It does tilt backwards a little bit, as you're meant to have another piece attached to the turret from the inside, but I'm looking into alternatives for that.
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