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What made you start playing...Tau!
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Default What made you start playing...Tau!

Ive noticed this topic going around a couple of boards and thought id ask people here!

I was in a position where 2 or 3 of my friends already plyed warhammer, so i could have very easily just picked an army that would have natural advantages over them, however IMO that is just totally petty!

What drew me to tau was several things -
    • seeing amazingly painted models and colour schemes of tau stuff
    • great models, looked fairly easy to paint
    • found fluff online and liked to whole tau way of thinking, the fact they were a 'good' force in the galaxy!

becasue i had absolutly no access to the rules of tau and my friends didnt really know much about them i didnt actually knew at all how they played! I didnt even realise how bad they were in cc! For me choosing my tau army wasnt about choosing the best army to win with (although its turned out nicely that way!) but choosing the best one that was suited to me!


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Default Re: What made you start playing...Tau!

For me it was simple convenience. A casual relation of mine used to play and had a battleforce box of Tau collecting dust. They were abit damaged and crappy but he was going to throw em out so I managed to get him to sell em to me for $10. Thats the only reason I have Tau and not IG or daemon hunters but after reading the fluff I liked the Tau better.

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Default Re: What made you start playing...Tau!

thats a pretty good bargain you got yourself there! one of my friends just collected marines because he managed to get loads second hand which was good for him! Tau wewre to new to really get that but luckily it was near by birthday/christmas time!
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Default Re: What made you start playing...Tau!

I quite liked the look of tau when they came out so i bought them, But i painted them realy badly so i left to collect Khorne but no less than a year later found myself playing with properly painted tau
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Default Re: What made you start playing...Tau!

Long ago, I began with Chaos. I was a Death Guard fanatic. And I loved daemons (and still do!). I made my own custom Great Unclean One, Plague Bearers, Nurglings and Defiler. Then I just painted up some Marines here and there and a Daemon Prince as well. I even added a Predator to the mix eventually and had a fun time. I had finally worked my way to about 2,000 points and then stopped. I played a long time with that force until I got itchy to try new ones. So I kept mixing my Chaos around until I eventually had tried each and every Cult god as well as every undivided Legion as well. I had ended with Word Bearers. It was at that time that I realised I wanted a new army--something that wasn't so easy to gear up for combat and just beat my opponent as easily. And let's face it, the combat phase is simply where the real damage happens and if you can get there quickly with incredible combat power, you've got the game pretty much.

It was at this time that a buddy of mine was sick of his normal marines and wanted to convert his Space Wolves to a chaos legion of his own (undivided). I offered to sell him all my army for half of what it was worth, but instead of for cash, he could just buy boxed miniatures for me instead. I was toying around with the idea of Necrons, but I knew I would quickly bore with them because of the static nature they have for models. I wanted a more dynamic army that was limited to a single thing and not even that good at it. Guard were able to gear up for combat, with power fists and the like, so that was a no-no for me. Necrons could do the same, and field really powerful units, so I avoided them too. Eldar were never my thing, so I totally didn't even think of them. That's when I picked up the Tau codex and read it in the store. I later purchased it. Read it quite a few more times. I liked the fluff, I liked the units, I liked the lack of an armory. I liked that I couldn't tool up champions anymore, no more power weapons, no more super combat ability. In fact, there was none! Also, the guns were powerful, but I couldn't just trick out a bunch of troops with deadly plasma and meltas. There were no more good armor saves and invulnerable saving daemons. No more massive infiltrating and heavy armor and massive cannons. No more flying daemons that rip through armies. I had found my calling--the simple and under-played Tau.

I first picked up two boxes of Firewarriors and an Ethereal. I added three crisis suits after that. Then my gundrones were assembled. I next added the Devilfish and a Hammerhead. Then came 6 more Crisis suits. Then 5 stealth suits. Then the second Hammerhead came along. Then my box of Kroot joined the army. Next came another box of Firewarriors and another Devilfish. More kroot on the way. It just kept building from the old Chaos army I had. I st oped when I had reached 2,000 points again (but more the ability to field virtually any 2,000 point style list I wanted so I could change up often).

I played and lost a few games, but after only a few games, I quickly understood the simplicity of Tau. Focusing on that simplicity they ascended to become the scourge of our gaming shop and everyone rightly feared my legion of battle suits. I painted them a very light color to contrast my previous armies. I went with a cream color (bleached bone) and a dark brown (scorched earth) for the clothes. It was a very bright and shiny new force and very clean.

Now of which, I am currently stripping unit by unit and repainting them to my new favored blue and white color scheme.

Long live the Tau, nothing like repainting them to revitalize them. It's amazing what a little change can do for making the itch to play constantly with an old army
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Default Re: What made you start playing...Tau!

One of my friends had just got in to the game when the taught me some of the basic rules. I have been playing other table top games like mage knight but warhammer was on a new level. *After deciding that I was going to play warhammer i went to their web site to look at the different armies i came across the tau. after reading a about the tau i decided to buy the codex. *When i got the codex the first story i read was the one about the tau attacking some imperial tanks and then the kroot came in to finish off the troops. I was amazed at how their society worked and found that they valued the same things that i did. *And that is why i play tau!
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Default Re: What made you start playing...Tau!

I picked up a few battlesuits to convert and paint, and word got around the shop that I was starting Tau. One of the regulars was looking to sell a mass of unassembled minis from the boxed army, and he gave me a good price. I didn't regret it.
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Default Re: What made you start playing...Tau!

The thing i like most about the tau are the cool and slick looking models. And because they have the best guns in the game. I play against IG and in the shoot phase i can kill a lot of his men. It's really fun. The only bad part is CC because if they get attacked there is a very little chance of winning.
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Default Re: What made you start playing...Tau!

I have to say it was a number of things that got me interested in the Tau.

a) The look of the Fire Warriors...just too cool for words. Now that's armor! Not too frilly like the Eldar can sometimes get, not too clunky like the Marines. Even the hard egded XV8's have a sense of design and style, without overdoing it. Leave it to the rough and rambled Kroot to ruin the overall look of the army...Krrrrrooot!!

b) The fluff is excellent...new kids on the block, and yea, so what?...none of that 'well these guys are the new oldest galactic elder race...' cr@p. The Tau also have a more noble purpose, as opposed to the xenophobic, borderline racist, manifest destiny B.S. of the imperium. Really turns me off from playing any imperial armies...it's almost like fielding an army of Nazi's...

c) The Tau truly look futuristic...skimmers, floating drones, powered battlesuits..and of course, that 'Grey Alien' look makes them seem even more otherworldly...I mean let's face...Eldar are still just ...elves. Space Orks are still just Orks... Daemons in power armor are still just Daemons...Tyranids...well...your basic monster...although, they do, at times, have that 'gigeresque' feel to them... But the Tau are truly a unique race...something new and different in the 40k universe. Finally.

theres more...but those are the main points...

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Default Re: What made you start playing...Tau!

the models, what else .

I looked at the models and was hooked, the codex solidified it with as mal said, the lack fo an armoury, a nice simple army to learn and master after ages stumbling around with noob marines (and just about every other army) and GW model launch pitch helped, they launched the Tau and hit me straight in the wallet

been playing since their debut and never looked back, no uber champions and no CC ability, but the ability to skimmer drop and load out one hell of a payload
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