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Special Experiences with Your Tau
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Default Special Experiences with Your Tau

Hi all.

Well, following a battle against Eldar and Space Marines, with no Force Organization chart (and me taking only Crisis Battlesuits), I'd like to post this topic up.


Because the following happened:

1. My Shas'O stood up to an Assault Marine squad when they charged him, lost two wounds, killed two, and made them run away.

2. My Crisis Suit smashed a Land Speeder being a real hazard to my troops with Heavy Bolters and Assault Cannon with a FLAMER. 6, Glancing Hit, and another 6 for Vehicle Destroyed. I was soo happy after that I did a victory lap around the room. :P ;D

3. My Crisis Suits armed with Burst Cannons and Flamers wiped out the puny Eldar Dire Avengers. With their mobility, they could get around the side and let rip with both weapons. Massacre.

So, post your special experiences with your Tau here. It can be anything out of the ordinary, a heroic fight, or a sheer probability thing.

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Default Re: Special Experiences with Your Tau

My ethereal taking down a iron warriors lord :P The lord tried hitting my broadsides. A shield drone or 2 died. Than my broadsides hit him back ( 1 wound or so ) and my ethereal finished the job

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Default Re: Special Experiences with Your Tau

I haven't had any really impressive moments yet, but I Deep Struck a Stealth Team into the enemy deployment zone and proceeded to take down a Whirlwind and Predator. Was an exciting moment for me!
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Default Re: Special Experiences with Your Tau

It was like this: 900pts Tau vs 500ots Marines and 600pts Orks...

It all seemed grim- assault by turn three... until HE came.

The shas'o and his team dropped from the sky like angels into the midst of the Orks where they were joined in battle! The experience of the Shas'O shone through- killing the Warboss before he could even touch the Commander's squad. After the dust cleared, a Killa Kan, Warboss and 20+ boyz lay dead at their feet, while the commander had only lost two shield drones.

Then the mop-up began. Using terrain as only he knew how, the Shas'O and his team slaughtered the remaining marines- it was victory, but at a high price.

The remaining alive on the Tau side: Commander + 2 Shas'vres. But... The coolest thing of all was where he was within charging distance with an Assault Squad Sergeant + PW. Blasted in the Eye!
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Default Re: Special Experiences with Your Tau

Well it can be seen as extraordinarly or really sad it depends...

Last session my 4 xv-15 got assaulted by a wounded Space Marine attack biker...after 7 assault phase (yes 7) my last remaining stealth suit finally killed him.

It was just Hilarious really: I Hit, I wound, he saves...He hits, He wounds, I save. Ad nauseam.

That and my Broadside couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
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Default Re: Special Experiences with Your Tau

My fondest memories are versus Necrons, though my first time against Tyranids holds a special place in my heart as well.

One game was just funny, my Necron buddy had built his army around Pariahs, he had 1 monolith , the night bringer, 1 warrior squad and his Necron Lord. He deep striked his entire force in the first turn right in front of my deployment zone... but couldn't do anything else. My turn began beautifully, I didn't even have to move my units, he had dropped his warriors right in the ONE SINGLE SPOT that all of my units had LoS on... I lit that sucker up with every marker light I had, then made every single roll to hit and wound, he lost all but one of them. He laughed at my stupidity while I just sat grinning at him, picked up his codex, flipped through it, and then began to quote the rules on phase out... that's when he realized how stupid he had been to only have 2 Necrontyr units on the field. He had just enough left to not phase out as long as he made everyone of his WBB rolls (the rest had been denied them because they WBB roll had been denied by various rules like AP and insta-kill weapons), he failed the last one. The look on his face was priceless. Only game I've ever won in 1 turn

The second Necron beat down was a couple months later, his Monolith was dangerously close, so was his Nightbringer, I had to bring them both down, using EMP grenades on the Monolith and Markerlights on the Nightbringer I just managed to do it.

My first game against Tyranids was great, I barely moved while it was going on. If he had played his usual gaunt army I would have been screwed, but since he played an army that didn't depend on Hive Nodes, he was pretty small. Blasted away all but two of his warriors, all genestealers but his Gene stealer Lord, his Hive Tyrant got within 7" of my commander's squad, but got gunned down by a fire warrior squad. It was a victory point game, and the guy I was playing was 11 or 12, I had to leave immediately cause my mom was picking me up, the brat refused to except me as the winner cause I had to forfeit by leaving, even though I had lost 4 fire warriors v.s. his 6 warriors, 16 gene stealers, both his zoanthroaps, and his tyrant... sore loser.
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Default Re: Special Experiences with Your Tau

Well here is my top two.
1) It was at the end of a very hard fought game with a Dark Eldar player and we were on the last assault phase . My Shas'O was standing on a ridge directing the battle when the Dark Eldar Lord came charging up the ridge and engaged in a last ditch effort to break the stalemate and secure victory. He caused three wounds but my Shas'O survived and retaliated killing the Dark Eldar Lord* in the last roll of the game.

2) My 6 man Stealth team made their way in to a Armored Company's lines and destroyed two Leman Russ tanks and Chimera full of Storm Troopers while losing only three of their own ( all to fragging Hell Guns )
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Default Re: Special Experiences with Your Tau

My two has got to be all from one game;

There I was, Chaos coming up my left, tyranids fleeting up my right. Plus my frickin DF had been pinned down by a Predator the whole game(not the pinning rule). So I finally got a break, and bada-bing bada-boom 1 seeker missile obliterated his predator.

Next My ethereal was jumped by a squad of genestealers, 8 of em' I believe. So there he stood defiantly for the greater good, brandishing his honor blade proudly. He cut down six before they finally took his life, not before he defeated a chaos lord. Who knew :P

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Default Re: Special Experiences with Your Tau

I've got a lucky one.

Just tonight, I played a game against my friend's 'nids. I fired six burst canon shots, hit with four, and wounded his 'fex with three(T6). I'd have expected one failed save, but he failed all three. This was just after the same squad killed a ravener in close combat.
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I believe so, I get mine at Walgreen's for around $7. Brake Fluid works too (Pine Sol Works on metals, not so well on plastics), but I prefer the spraycanniness of the Easy Off. Spray it (Wear gloves, it's important), let it sit, and take a toothbrush to it later.
so what your saying is that oven cleaner can remove paint from plastic models? and after that, you take a toothbrush to your plastic model, and the paint just comes off?
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Default Re: Special Experiences with Your Tau

Even though I did unintentionally misuse the markerlight rule (being a rather inexperienced player, I had re-used the two markerlight hits, forgetting that markerlight hits get used up when a single unit fires at the markerlight-ed target), my army's finest hour had to have been taking down Ghazghull Thraka at about 6 inches with concentrated pulse fire. Now I think back to it, if I'd remembered about the rapid fire capability of pulse rifles, I probably wouldn't have screwed up with my markerlights...
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