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Bonding Knives for FW and Pathfinders
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Bonding Knives for FW and Pathfinders

Are they really worth it??? For Suits I can see their usefulness due to low numbers, but I'm reading alot of battle reports where people aren't using them with infantry. I would like to hear what the veteran players have to say about them.
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Default Re: Bonding Knives for FW and Pathfinders

I take them on my FW, more for fluf reasons than anything else. Still it can save you some VP's at the end of a game. Only really worth it in full squads IMO
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Default Re: Bonding Knives for FW and Pathfinders

If you have 8+ models in the unit, and they aren't mounted, then Bonding Knives are for you.
If you have smaller squads, or mounted squads, then the benefit is either gone before it was truly there, or likely never to be used.

With suits, if you have 4+ models it's worth taking.
because if you have 3 suits, <half strength=man alone test anyway.

I personally give all my infantry bonding, but that's due to fluff reasons.
My blackout team isn't, for fluff reasons that they're too new/take too many casualties to make it worthwhile.
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Default Re: Bonding Knives for FW and Pathfinders

I bond all my infantry, but it has only ever once come into play for me in my like 3 years of playing Tau. That one time it did though, it saved me about 75 points, so it's worth it in my book. Definitely do it on anyone with drones, as drones are counted for purposes of the shooting casualties morale check.
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