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Apocalypse Tau
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Default Apocalypse Tau

As anyone with the ears to hear knows, the Apocalypse is here! (At least, in the 40K universe...) The question: How to deal with it? Particularly as it relates to some old, old foes, the Necrons.

At the local GW shop, there will be a first massive battle, conducted between what will (hopefully) be pure Necron vs Tau forces. The proposition here is how best to approach the battle, at least from the Tau prospective.

Things to keep in mind:

Points are UNLIMITED. Literally, there's no upper cap! This allows for some extraordinarily crazy ideas... Farsight army, anyone?

In anycase, I present for your perusal and enjoyment... Operation Midnight Sun.


So, the Apocalypse is here! The question? How to deal with it… Particularly as it relates to some old, old foes, the Necrons.

Apocalypse Formations, Tau Strategic Assets:

1) Crisis Suit Drop Force (Accurate Reserve Response)
- Stealth group (1 squad, 3-6 ea)
- Crisis Wing (3 squads of 3 suits, 9 ea total )

== Stealths provide “reroll” of Drop Team scatter positions.
== Seconded by Pathfinder Reroll effects, ala the Positional Marker of their Devilfish?

2) Armored Spearhead (Mobile Strike Force)
- 3-5 Hammerhead-chassis vehicles

== Hammerhead CC provides 1d3+1 Markerlight HITS, within LOS. Self-supporting Marker system.


Apocalypse Formations, Necron Assets:

1) Necron Monolith Phalanx
- 2 ea Monoliths generate “Nightshield”, reduce opposing weapon strength crossing shield line by -1
- 3+ Monoliths generate “Node”, +1 to “We’ll Be Back” rolls.
- Teleport Matrix: Monoliths carry teleport grids, reinforce WBB rerolls.

2) Possible presence of Necron Gauss Pylons? ( Anti-air/Anti-ground )


Known Issues:

1) Enemy units will make heavy use of Deep Strike capacity, attempting to tie up critical Tau units with close combat. Multiple Monoliths and generated Nodes will undermine the ability of massed firepower to reduce the numbers of Necron forces. Unknown how many “Veil of Darkness” or Monolith drop-units will be available to the Necrons, initially.

2) Highly anticipated that “GW Shenanigans” (GWS) will allow for secondary (and perhaps tertiary) reinforcements of Necron Monoliths and Phalanxes to arrive via Deep Strike. Also likely that enemy high-speed units (Wraiths, Destroyers) may “Flank March”, appearing at any flank (or even rear) position, again due to GWS issues.

Trigger point for introduction of GWS is the overwhelming hammerblow delivered to the Necron forces, apparent in likely phase out under repeated, withering firepower.

3) For Apocalypse Scale, likely that “Phase Out” will be totally lifted for the game.

4) Points limits are NOT going to be a factor; practically unlimited allowances for forces. Likewise, no Order of Battle restrictions.

5) Cover is likely to be limited. While not fighting over “Planet Bowling Ball”, sources of good cover are likely to be slim. Also, deployment zones are extremely likely to be halves of the table, divided corner-to-corner. Close attacks by enemy Destroyer Lords, Wraiths, and Scarabs are likely to occur almost immediately.

6) Practically null Forest Cover. Self-explanatory, in imposing a limit on Kroot effectiveness. However, Krootox may come into their own, given the close-proximity of some Necron units.


Plan of Attack:

Tau units available are, at this time, conjectional. Players are bringing their own forces, so we may have “allied” Imperial Guard or Space Marines on-hand as well. Planning will be for a purely Tau force.

Spaced, well-shielded Broadside Battlesuit units. Range and Shield Drones will allow for survivability, and support of large Kroot units nearby should provide for an interception force, should Necrons teleport close by.

Broadsides will focus fire on Monoliths; destruction of these behemoths will be an absolute priority. Plasma armaments will allow close-range engagement of virtually any Necron unit in the enemy force, nullifying armor and making it more likely to score a positive target kill.

Piranha/ Hammerheads will form the Mont’ka force, tasked with termination of enemy high-speed assets and high-value targets. (Destroyers, unprotected Lords, C’tan, etc.) Piranha will pursue Destroyers over all; Hammerheads will equip Ion Cannons, to sweep behind and obliterate large infantry formations.

Counter-infantry warfare will be supported by Sniper Drones; concentrated fire, teamed with Ion bombardment, should prove enough to maul Phalanxes at a rapid clip. Long-range pulse rifle fire should help keep the enemy units down.

Markerlight units may be used to enforce pinning on key units; if Necrons prove too effective at WBBing, then pinning becomes an option, locking down portions of the Necron line and destroying enemy forces piecemeal.


Battle Plan Analysis:

Advantages: Markerlight Support

Tau forces have the opportunity to have multiple Markerlight sources on the table.

Key Note: Stealth Team in the Crisis Drop Force should (perhaps) be geared as a “Stealth Marker” unit, effectiveness to be evaluated in-game.

Advantage: Broadsides

With unlimited points, survivability can be maximized through addition of Shield Drones. Replacing SMS pods with Plasma is a dire necessity!

Advantage: EMP Grenades

Railguns and Fusion Blasters are powerful, but most anti-Tau forces forget about the third, highly potent weapon in the anti-vehicle arsenal. Mobile Fire Warriors with EMP should prove a nasty surprise.

Advantage: Krootox

The “Unexpected Unit”, close deployments may allow these creatures to come into their own, especially in support of Fire Warrior EMP carriers.

The Unexpected Mk II: Barracuda!

Most definitely a weapon specially made to go after high-value targets. Ion cannon, Burst cannons, Seeker Missiles… It’s a bigger, meaner, faster Piranha!

If only the GW boys will let us get away with proxying their Thunderbolt in for one…


Long story made short, this particular game provides a grand opportunity to take a look at some unusual unit formations and judging their effectiveness on a rather sweeping scale. With luck, we’ll see how it goes!
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Default Re: Apocalypse Tau

Yeah, good luck! Sounds like you'll have a good laugh!
May I recommend you grab a few fusion blaster suits in that crisis wing? Maybe one per squad? That way, deep strike inside the Nightshield, blow a monolith, use the rest of the crisis team to drop a few necrons as cover.
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Default Re: Apocalypse Tau

After the initial shootout as the necrons slowy advance, don't forget the power of maneuverability; a few fast units should be able to reinforce your line wherever it falters.

Sounds like great fun.

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"For the Greater Good!"
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Default Re: Apocalypse Tau

Monolith "Living Metal" rules ignore Melta-effects, so that fusion blaster only damages on a 6.

And if Necrons don't have Phase Out in Apocolypse, I'm going to slap someone: Phase out was engineered to balance the effects of WBB, and the fact that it can be used against ANY weapon if there is a Res. Orb nearby. If I have to not only fight through WBB, but have to destroy the ENTIRE necron army (since breaking them is hardly an option for Tau, and there are very few ways to push a good necron player off of an objective), it would make those games highly imbalanced.

The upshot is that apocolypse is for FRIENDLY games, so talking it over with your opponent before hand can resolve any issues.
"I have exactly one-hundred men under my command counting on ME to lead that charge, you two-bit mechanic. I have five seige tanks, eight APC's, an artillery platform and a light mech that need resupply and repair by dusk. I need remote mines set, trenches dug, and my men fed and rested, or those Marines are going to be using us for toothpicks. Get it done, Fio'vre." Officer Sherwin Jackson, 13th Dal'yth Company, to Fio'vre D'nan

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