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Hammerhead weapons upgrade.
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Default Hammerhead weapons upgrade.

the hammerhead has served well in its current configs.
The never ending debate of Ion vs Rail head seems to crop back up every few months with nothing new to add to the debate.
The hammerhead tank body has proven reliable as a solid weapons platform for nealy all the weapon types the Earth cast has produced. ( forge world add ons).
Many of the new upgrades were twin mounts. for the main weapon position. twin fusion, twin long barrel burst cannons, twin plasma ect. What I would like to know is if there is any reason why you cant have 2 different weapons mounted in the main gun spots. Rail gun, and plasma cannon. Ion and fusion. Missle pod and plasma, Ion and rail ect.
This line of multi weapons follows what the imp guard and space marines have in thier tank cores.
Usage To fire both main weapons if thier not matched twin linked would require the tank to move no more than 6 inches, This is problematic if the auto glance is most needed, but the disruption pod may help to offset that loss. The increase of fire power would be welcome in the upcomming appocolyps matches with out breaking my budget in buying new modles. with good modeling skill you can make decient turret mount for 2 weapons with out going to FW.
So what do you think? time to update our one and only tank?
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Default Re: Hammerhead weapons upgrade.

No.. I think it's fine as it is. It's much easier to balance the point costs and rules with the Forgeworld turrets if it's just treated as twin-linked weapons, rather than having a system similar to that of crisis suits just so that we can mount more weapons. Being able to do so basically means that you can take a railgun, or a railgun and another weapon, or even two railguns, which is too big a departure from the current rules in my opinion.

We already have a resilient skimmer battle-tank, giving it more guns would just make it a lot more expensive.

I mean, ok if you want to write some house rules for it, by all means go ahead, but the core/current rules are fine as it is at the moment, we don't need more guns; and same goes for the Hammerhead variant turrets.
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Default Re: Hammerhead weapons upgrade.

i agree with mace although i wouldn't argue if GW twin-linked the ion cannon(or at least provided the option)

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