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[BatRep] Tau vs Necron 500 pt Combat Patrol & Tournament update
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Default [BatRep] Tau vs Necron 500 pt Combat Patrol & Tournament update

Yesterday was my last game in the 500 pt combat patrol tourny I've been playing with friends.

I'm glad to report that my 100% combat record wasn't diminished, as I scored a solid victory.

My force was
1 x XV8 PR, MP, MT
2 x XV8 TL MP, Flamer, in Monats
1 x Sniper Drone team
1 x 12 FW (pulse rifles)
3 x 4 Gun Drones
500pts exactly.

The evil Necrons fielded
2 x 10 Warriors
2 x Necron Heavy Destroyers.

I was scared, I'd never faced Necrons before but had see the stat line of their Heavy Destroyers and so knew that could instakill my XV8s. I was also playing on at a new table that was pretty much devoid of height 2-3 cover, so my usual tactic of JSJ and Hide was going to be much harder.

Turn 1, we both edged around the board, trying to flank each other and in turn 2 he succeeded in popping one of my Deathrain suits, while I only managed to kill (and stay dead) a couple of Warriors. But in turn 3 things started changing. He failed a target priorty test and killed a FW, leaving himself open to 2 MP attacks, one of which took out a Heavy Destroyer which didn't come back. Turn 5 saw exactly the same thing happen, he'd lost his two Destroyers and his foot sloggers where faced with being unable to counter my S7 36" missiles. So in turn 6 I managed to take out a few more NW and finished with a solid victory. He failure to target my suits was the primary reason for his loss I feel and I learned that when my Necron opponent and I play a 1000pt friendly soon, I will be taking invulnerable shielding.

This win puts me at the top of the table, but player 2 (Orks) has a game in hand a 1 more crushing victory than me, he plays tonight and I expect him to win, pushing me into 2nd place. Not too shabby considering I had only played 4 games before the tournament all against Speed Freaks.

Overall, it's been the Deathrains that have won the game for me. My tactic of taking 3 x 4 Gun Drones have definitely helped because they have either been over or underestimated, causing havoc because they have drawn more fire than they deserve or because they've dived in a taken down important units (such as a Landspeeder).

I'm going to post my revised 500 pt combat patrol list to the Tau armies section later.
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