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Safe Markerlights?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Safe Markerlights?

As I've played my Tau, I've slowly seem my lists evolve from Stationary Tau to Mech Tau. I love playing the Fish of Fury, but I'd love to see it supported with Markerlights for a truely brutal spray of pulse fire. Who doesn't like 24 shots hitting on a 2+?

But, with my skimmers darting around the battlefield, a group of stationary Pathfinders seems inefficient. So I'm asking for suggestions. Keep in mind I have access to Forgeworld stuff.

A few of my thoughts:

* Skyray - Not a bad choice, but I tend to ache for Heavy Support slots. Fielding a pair of Railheads and a squad of XV88s is just how I like to roll.

* XV84 - For 15 points, you get a Markerlight and free Target Lock, and you still get three hardpoints. I thought of equipping a Shas'el with Missile Pod, Targetting Array, Advanced Stabilisation System, and Hardwired Multi-Tracker (102 points). This way I can still move and fire the Markerlight (slow but purposeful), and jump back out of LoS.

* Tetra - These are great too, and fairly inexpensive. A pair of independent Tetras cost about the same as a Skyray, but can move separately and put Markerlights in more places. They are fragile, though.

* Heavy Gun Drone - I'd be tempted to take these over a Skyray. For the same price, I can get 5 drones equipped with Burst Cannon and Markerlight. They have to remain stationary to fire the Markerlight, but still get to Jetpack move in the assault phase.
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Default Re: Safe Markerlights?

Tetras are the best Markerlight carriers of all our Codex or Imperial Armor options. I did an article on them awhile back here. If your gaming group is amenable to Imperial Armor units, 2 of these guys are a great addition to any Mechanized or Hybrid list.
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Default Re: Safe Markerlights?

I completely agree with Tonka. The way I run my tetra's, they're a whopping 55pts each, and they are substantially more mobile than the skyray. Also, it you run a TA(and frankly, it's silly not to), you'll notice that it's nearly impossible to miss with the pulse rifle. Very often, my little fish make back their points that way, even before the primary bennie of the ML hits is added in. Fragile? Certainly, but given the ridiculous mobility, there is little difficulty in screening them behind terrain from most of the stuff they're not shooting.

Lets just say that once I got a pair, I ceased buying pathfinders.
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Default Re: Safe Markerlights?

Originally Posted by Tyndmyr
Lets just say that once I got a pair,
LOL. Might want to rephrase that! :P
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Default Re: Safe Markerlights?

i have heard a lot about these tetras and have been tempted to buy some, can some one please tempt me more?
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Default Re: Safe Markerlights?

Originally Posted by warriorchris
... can some one please tempt me more?

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Default Re: Safe Markerlights?

I don't have any tetras but from what I hear they sound like the best option.

Depending on the army and if pathfinders dont do the job, I usualy take sniperdrone teams compared to most other markerlight carriers. The stealth field generators make them next to invincible, being at long range, and they come pre-equiped with targeting arrays. You can take 3 teams for the price of one organization slot and the drones carry rail rifles which, I think, makes them worth the heavy support cost. The only real down side is that the drones have crap for BS, so you usualy end up spending the networked markerlight on them :P
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Safe Markerlights?

Tetras are like Piranhas, but a little lighter armed and armored. They don't carry drones or anything, but are equipped with twin-linked Pulse Rifles and a Markerlight. They're also wonderfully cheap; a kitted-out one costing 65 points. And because they are a fast vehicle, they can be more efficient at maneuvering around the battlefield and painting targets.
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Default Re: Safe Markerlights?

or else dont go fully mech, and use a static element to your lists.

2 FW squads with sushis and markerlights, pathfinders, and a par of broadsides is a nice lynchpin unit to run your armour around...
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Default Re: Safe Markerlights?

Tetras can be a nice option - but they arent for everyone... personally, I think they are too expensive.

My own personal choice would be to go with a Sky Ray. If you are running a more mechanised list then use it in place of the xv88. Broadsides don't really fit in with a mechanised theme (in its purest form at least).

The truth is that the Sky Ray is an incredibly efficient method for fielding markerlights. 2 at BS3, firing at independent targets with a good reach - thanks to moving 12" and still being able to fire. you are looking at around 155pts for a properly fitted Sky Ray, which, however you run them, is cheaper than your broadsides. Plus you may even have room to fit in a Tetra if you have / want one!

Yes, broadsides are better anti tank than Railheads... but with proper markerlight support you can help even the odds for your Railheads, plus you can also increase their anti infantry potential. Your Sky Ray can also lend its own support for anti tank duty - great when you are only after taking out light / medium tanks, where S8 will do the job satisfactorily... and lets not forget that fitted with burst cannons it can help out with its own anti infantry.

Personally, the Sky Ray is a superb support unit for the Fish of Fury... enabling you to get BS2 on one team (or more to my liking, two teams at BS3)... and also adding 6 burst cannon shots into the mix as you do it. I would always go for this option first, it may come as a surprise to some, but one of my most successful 1500pt mech armies has 2 Sky Rays in it...

...and no hammerheads.
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