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Playing Necrons
Closed Thread
Old 18 Mar 2005, 20:35   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Playing Necrons

Im playing Necs tomorrow and i have already lost to them once before.
Any suggestions on what i should use against them?
Cause i dont really know.
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Default Re: Playing Necrons

Imation 2.0:

Give us your army list, a possible list that he will have and any ideas about missions and terrain that you can imagine and the help will flow to you
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Default Re: Playing Necrons

There was a topic on this that should help you http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=5500.0
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Default Re: Playing Necrons

We'll need to know terrain and how big the map is, but based on maps I've played (not many, as only a little of my army is done) you'll prob. play on 4'x4', 6'x4', or something crazy (like the floor: i've done it before) thast'll be 72"x72" (7ftx7ft).
It's simple: use your ability to exploit long ranges weapons. *If your army is mobile, you can shoot 1-3 turns, then run to a better position. *The necrons have small range, so use that to your advantage. *Tour longest ranged gun and their longest ranged gun has a 34in. differance. *Also, if the enemy is useing Tomb Spiders, Scarabs, Pariahs, Flayed Ones, and especially Wraiths, make sure they come up to you. *Wraiths, as far as I know, are prob. their best close combat unit, and are extreme;y tough to kill. *They have that invulnerable save. *If the enemy is fielding them, make sure you take them out in the 1st or 2nd turn. *They are fast!
I suggest plent of heavy weapons: each normal Necron unit costs more than a Space Marine Tact. Squad (without upgrades of course). *This means that they will be fielding less units prob. *Hammer Heads w/ railguns or Ion cannons should do fine. *Remember their "We be Back!" rule. *The railguns, smart missile systems, Ion Cannons, and Missile pods will all negate that. *Just remember though: if the Necron Lord has a Reserection Orb, then any necrons within 6in. will have the "We'll be back!" *The answer is simple: if your afraid that it'll be a prob for you, then aim a railgun and fire off at him. *He should be melted.
Also, watch out for Monoliths: they can get all those Necron units within their range, and you can't let that happen.
Good luck, and tell us how it goes.
And if you can get the map setup and Army Lists to us, then maybe I can help more.
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Default Re: Playing Necrons

First of all, pretty much anything thats good at killing marines is good at killing warriors, and necrons always take a lot of warriors.* So I would bring stuff that can take out 3+ armour saves, like crisis battlesuits and if you use pathfinders equip them with rail rifles.* Depending on the point limit, I would bring a few hammerheads, in 1850pt. 1 ion hammerhead and 2 railgun hammerhead, using the ion for anti troop, 1 railgun for anti armor (2 if he has alot, although necrons don't take much armor) and the other either for hitting his warriors with a pie plate each turn or taking out his powerful units with a solid shot.* also, make sure all of your firewarriors are in fishes, so when the necron player gets close you can ship them outta their, and you might want to go with kroot as necrons aren't too good at close combat, but then again a 3+ save is always hard to beat when it comes to CC.* Obviously, like in any game using the tau, take out their fastest units first, and watch out for their units that can teleport.* If he fields a monolith, take that out first as not only could it be a problem if it deep strikes, but also that is a lot of victory points once its tooken out.* Other then that, I would just watch out for pariahs, as their the necrons best close combat unit, and make sure that you focus one squad at a time, preferably destroying the whole thing so they can't make their WBB roll.* and also, does anyone reading this know what combat patrol is?
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