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Eldar Falcons Vs Tau
Closed Thread
Old 18 Mar 2005, 09:29   #1 (permalink)
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Default Eldar Falcons Vs Tau

My friend uses a falcon grav tank with a holo field all the time and ive never been able to kill it as it is constantly popping in and out. but when it moves a full 12" then pen hits get downgraded.

any tips?
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Default Re: Eldar Falcons Vs Tau

Falcons are nasty. They will easily outrun and outgun your Hammerheads, rendering even your biggests guns near-worthless. A well-equipped Falcon is arugably the most powerful tank in 40K.

This leaves you with two choices:

1) Ignore it. Concentrate on wiping out the rest of his army.
2) Pray to the Tau'va, and try to shoot it down. Luck will need to be with you, especially if he's using Holofields...

However, remember that if you get first turn, and you deploy right and/or he deploys badly, you can score those all-important Penetrating hits before the Falcon starts moving!
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Default Re: Eldar Falcons Vs Tau

or try and get a rear armor hit with some deepstriking drones/crisis worht it for the little buggers(drones) in points...
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Default Re: Eldar Falcons Vs Tau

Also, a markerlight guided ion cannon is quite effective against falcons, because of the amount of shots.
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Default Re: Eldar Falcons Vs Tau

I would agree with Wargamer to ignore it and concentrate on a more dangerous threat

Although if the Falcon is carrying some type of CC unit or a high priorety target, then blow it down

Just bash it with your broadsides

Use your HH to blow up their squads

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Default Re: Eldar Falcons Vs Tau

I managed to trash one with a unit of EMP-grenade-armed Fire Warriors; if you can gbet close enough this is a fairly good tactic or Stealthsuits to the rear armor

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Default Re: Eldar Falcons Vs Tau


It totally depends on how your army list looks. For me, when I face any Eldar army, I always take my XV8 battle suits equipped with twin-linked missile pods. A single squad of 3 suits with twin-linked pods rip through Eldar tanks like a hot knife through butter, even with holofields. The key is to hit their tanks several times and glance it several times. All you have to do is destroy it's main weapon once or twice and score immobilized to wreck it (4's, 5's, 6's) so a 50% chance of each glance is going to give you something. If you're forced to re-roll it, think of it as a chance to score even higher on the dice. Don't waste your railgun shots on the thing, Railguns are for wraithlords and submunitions are used the other 99% of your shots on their army. Another way I use, is gundrones. I ususally take a single squad, and let them hunt and flank on their own. They're generally noticed because they're quite dangerous to Eldar, but they usually are fast enough to get somewhere effective. However, I take them for the chance of deepstriking. If my drones can deepstrike, I can generally drop behind a Falcon and glance it sufficiently to stun it a turn (most of the time). That buys me all the time I need to fill it's hull with missile pods.

So when it comes down to it, here's the best way I can think of that is easily accomplished:
  • Volume Fire
  • Twin-linked Missile Pods

A single full squad of XV8's with twin-linked Missile Pods will eat any piece of armor they have, destroy infantry and specialty units, and harass even Wraithlords. Pod carrying XV8's are the bane of Eldar (aside from a submunition blast).
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Default Re: Eldar Falcons Vs Tau

Yah Kesalin...I would definetly go with Mal's Idea of Volume of Fire with Missile Pods...6 twin-linked Str. 7 shots from 3 Crisis Suits is too sweet to miss out! But when it comes to Eldar armour, I still believe that a 3 man Broadside team will get the job done quite effeciently...
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Default Re: Eldar Falcons Vs Tau

i agree w/avalonsurfer...just ignore it, concentrate on the rest of his army. when the army's taken heavy casualities, you can afford to direct a larger volume of fire @ it
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Default Re: Eldar Falcons Vs Tau

Ignoring something with a probable 6-9 S6 or higher shots a turn that can easily traverse the board and engage your units at will is easier said than done.

I think it would be folly to ignore such a potent threat, particularly if it is bieng guided.

A kitted out Falcon will cost aroud 200 points so yu will get a nice chunk of VP's when it dies, but if you leave it they can take down whole XV8 squads in a turn of which each will set you back something around the 150pt mark.

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