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Conversion rules?
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Default Conversion rules?

i'm rather new to the game and i was wondering how exactly conversions work can they actualy be used in a real game?
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Default Re: Conversion rules?

depends on the conversion. there isnt much for fire warroirs and their arent many upgrades available to make them apply, but suits are free reign over the many different things that can be done to them. just look at the conversion page on the site for ideas. but that isnt what you asked..so, conversions could be used in a game. if it isnt in the codex as an upgrade, then you can write your own rules for them and use them in a casual game.rember there is a rule somewhere that says if a model doesnt have somthing on it ,you cant use it, like grenades...
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Default Re: Conversion rules?

not necessarily... unless of course going to an official gw tournament they aren't really strict on WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) meaning the guy cant have a bolt pistol and a chainsword for instance and you say no no that's a missile launcher that's crazy... but if you have a shoulder mounted weapon that's bigger than a bolter could say its a lascannon or a missile launcher as long as it looks reasonable and not outrageous... plus if just playing with friends don't really need WYSIWYG just proxy some models if they do..
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Default Re: Conversion rules?

Conversions work the same as other models.

*Base Size is covered in the rule book.
*Model height is covered in the rule book.
*Make sure to follow What You See Is What You Get guidelines (WYSIWYG = if it has a plasma pistol, the model needs to have one).

This should do you good.
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