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[BatRep] 500 point Tau vs Tyranids, Monat Deathrain saves the day!!!
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Default [BatRep] 500 point Tau vs Tyranids, Monat Deathrain saves the day!!!

This was my first real battle and i thouroughly enjoyed it, so i thought i would share it with you guys! ;D

NOTE: My friend and I who played this game are both new, and may have gotten some rules wrong.

My List:

Plasma RIfle
93 points

10 kroot, 8 hounds
118 points

Heavy Support:
(3) Sniper Drone Teams
240 points

Deathrain Crisi suit
53 points

TOTAL: 504 points

His List:
3 squads of 4 warriors each
and the rest was gaunts (the ones with scythes and 12 assault)

i cant recall how many gaunts he had, but there were 3 squads of them

i put all three of my sniper drone teams on board edge close together (which i later regretted), my commander and deathrain at the edge of the 12' deployment zone, and i infiltrated my kroot 18' away from his gaunts on the flank.

His 3 squads of gaunts were all at the edge of his depolyment zone with one squad of warriors behind each of them. All of his squads were within 6' of another one of his squads. However, they only took up about half of the length of the board. I infiltrated my kroot in the other half in the hopes i could tie up some squads or take out the warriors.

There were four forests on the board; two on each side.

1st Turn:
He won the dice roll and rolled all 3's for his fleet rolls. Two squads of gaunts proceeded behind one of the forests, so that my sniper drones could not have LoS to them or the warriors behind them. His last squad of gaunts ran straight at me, with the last squad of warriors close behind.

I carefully moved my commander to 12' away from his gaunt squad and my deathrain twoards my kroot so he would be able to target the warriors. I moved my kroot towards the warriors that were behind the gaunt squad that my commander was linging his sites on. In the shooting phase, my commander rapid fired his plasma rifle into the gaunt squad, killing 2, and managed to kill another 3 with his BC. As i recall that left 5 more gaunts in that squad. I landed 2 markerlight hits on the gaunt squad. I used them both to allow 2 squads of sniper drone teams to skip target priority and fire on the warrior squad; 4 shots hit, and all 4 of them wounded. Then i shot my deathrain at the warriors. After he passed target priority, he managed to take down one of the two remaining warriors. In the assualt phase i moved my suits away from the gaunts.

2nd Turn:
This time he rolled a 3, 5, and a 6 for his fleet rolls. The half strength gaunt squad continued to close in on my commander and the other squads were beginning to come around the flank of the forest. In the assault phase, the gaunt squad made a 12' assault! :'( I had forgotten about their assault range being 12' and had moved my commander almost right next to the line of sniper drone teams. They attacked first and got 3 attacks on the charge. My poor commander was killed right there, and then the made their massacre move into the nearest sniper drone team.

My kroot closed in on the lone warrior and opened fire (12' range since they moved). Unfortunately, they only landed 1 wound in. The two sniper drone teams that were not in combat fired landed 2 markerlight hits on one of the warrior squads that were closing in. Somehow, they both rolled 7's on their target priority tests and managed to target the warriors. After upping both squads BS to 4, they managed to completely clear out the squad of warriors they targeted. That left 2 full strength squads of gaunts, 1 half strength squad of gaunts, a lone warrior who had one wound left, and one more full strength squad of warriors (4 in the squad).

3rd Turn:
Now he managed to get all his remaining squads of warriors and gaunts (except the lone warrior that was off to the right) in assault range of my remaining sniper drone teams. In the assault phase, i remember he got 69 attacks on one of the squads! Of course that sniper drone team was dead. Then the squads made their massacre move into the center squad. The squad of gaunts that attacked my commander managed to annihilate 1 sniper drone team, and made their massacre move into the middle sniper drone team. The lone warrior also took part in the assault madness and assaulted my kroot, somehow surviving all the hound attacks, and killing two kroot.

My lone deathrain, having no targets, simply moved away from the action. My kroot however, managed to kill that last warrior. That left 2.5 squads of gaunts left and a squad of four warriors. My kroot made their massacre movement toward the action.

4th Turn:
All of his units proceeded towards my kroot. But due to low fleet rolls could not assault.

My Deathrain continued to move away and my kroot ran towards the gaunts (whom i learned, after measuring out of curiosity were convenietly 14' away).
My deathrain failed his target priority test :'( and took down 2 gaunts from one of the squads. My kroot aimed their rifles and took out the 5 remaining gaunts from the squad that killed my commander.

5th Turn:
A giant wave of bugs washed over my kroot, except for the 3 warriors who were not in range. Luckily, my trusty hounds attacked first and removed 6 gaunts from the fray. But i lost all my kroot and a hound when it was the bugs turn to attack.

My deathrain killed a warrior off. Then my hounds managed to take out another 4 gaunts.

6th Turn:
His gaunts continued to attack my hounds, who managed to thin his ranks by three. However, in his turn he managed to wipe out all my hounds save one.

At this point my remainging army consisted of a monat hound and a monat deathrain. :-\ But i tried to go down with a fight. My deathrain luckily killed another warrior and my hound killed 1 more gaunt.

In the end,

[glow=red,2,300]I WON!!!![/glow]
;D ;D ;D

All of his units were below half strength! So, my monat deathrain and monat hound won! It was a good day...

Hope you guys enjoyed that!
Originally Posted by Rafe
Deathrain's are the Jessica Alba of the Crisis Suit world. Beautiful curves (on the missile pods 8)), fantastic moves, can knock you out from a distance, and always make you wish you had more.
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