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BatRep 1500 pt Tau VS Dark Angels
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Default BatRep 1500 pt Tau VS Dark Angels

Yep, I've been busy!

This battle was against another friend of mine. My list may look a little off, with several odd choices, but I made this list with a multi-player game in mind, I didn't know my partner or opponent yet, just to expect Chaos, Dark Eldar and Tyranids, so I chose several anti-geq units. In the end the game was cancelled so I ended up playing Dark Angels instead in a 1500 pt game.

My list:
Shas'O w/ Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Shield Generator, Hard-Wired Multi-Tracker, Stimulant Injectors

XV8 Team Leader w/ Shield Generator, Plasma Rifle, Targetting Array and Bonding Knife
2x XV8 w/ Shield Generator, Plasma Rifle, Targetting Array

12 Fire Warriors ('Ui, Bonded) in a Warfish

14 Kroot with 12 Hounds

Vespid Strain Leader with 8 Sting Wings

Ionhead with Burst Cannons, Multi-Tracker, Targetting Array, Target Lock, Decoy Launchers

Broadside Leader with Adv. Stab. Systems, Hard Drone Controller and 2 SHield Drones, accompanied by 2 Broadsides with Adv. Stab. Systems.

Total: 1500 exactly

His list (sorry, I'm still unfamiliar with their units so I might sound a little vague)

Company Master

10 Dark Angels w/ Lascannon, Heavy Bolter etc (split up)

10 Dark Angels w/ Flamer, Powerfist, Bolters etc (split up)

Predator Annihilator

Predator Destructor

Landspeeder (Multi-Melta + Autocannon?)

2x Landspeeder w/ something

10 Assault Marines

5 Snipers

The mission was Alpha level Take and Hold. I was bummed out, there was a beautiful forest in the middle of the right side of the field that I now could not infiltrate into.

To make matters worse, I also lost the roll for first turn, so I felt a little uncertain.

Turn 1:
The Assault Marines were joined by the Company Master, they advanced to the edge of the woods. The Destructor rolled forward, trying to spot the Kroot (who were now forced into hiding behind the woods, but otherwise wide in the open).

Both Landspeeders moved forward, over the woods, while the lone Speeder zoomed up in front of my Hammerhead.

Shooting saw my Hammerhead stunned, several Kroot die, my Devilfish go down (but not pinning the passengers) and a Shield Drone explode.

My turn I moved the Vespid and my HQ forward, towards his Landspeeder, while the Kroot broke into a sprint for the Woods, but they didn't manage to reach it, sadly. The Broadsides moved into position to destroy the Annihilator while the Suits attempted to snipe some Marines who were staying behind. The Piranhas moved to confront the 2 Landspeeders.

Shooting saw the Annihilator explode, the lone Landspeeder crashed, 1 Marine was sniped by the Suits. Satisfied, my Suits retreated back into cover while my Shas'O advanced, ready to take the left flank.

Turn 2:
Predator moved even further forward. The Assault Marines got faulty data and decided to jump into the woods. They were punished immediately and took 3 casualties as a result of the Dangerous Terrain. The Landspeeders sought to wreak even more havoc on the Kroot and advanced slowly but surely. The Lascannon squad moved a couple of inches to gain LoS.

Shooting saw enough Kroot get killed to force them to fall back 5", another Shield Drone died.

My turn:

The Kroot regrouped but were now very much out in the open. The Broadsides moved further to take down the Predator Destructor while the Crisis Suits attempted to take down the Snipers.

The Hammerhead, Vespid and Shas'O moved forward, ready to take on the remaining Marines on the left flank and reduced a 5 man squad down to its very last man, while the other only took 1 casualty. The lone soldier fled. The Kroot rapidfired and crashed 1 of the Landspeeders, while shaking the other. My Broadsides were unlucky, they only stunned the Destructor, but that was enough, I guess. The Suits killed 3 out of 5 Snipers, but they held their ground. The Suits once again retreated to the safety of cover.

Turn 3:

My opponent was now low on manpower and had his 4 man Marine squad advance towards my Vespid. The Assault squad jumped out of the woods and landed right in front of my Kroot. Interestingly enough he forgot all about his single remaining Landspeeder and didn't move it (another reason why I don't like Proxies)

Shooting saw the death of 4 of my now precious Vespid, a few more Kroot fell for the Greater Good, 1 Piranha got stunned and 1 Broadside got wounded.

In assault my Kroot put up a brave fight, killing 3 more Assault Marines, before dying.

In my turn the Vespid flew up to the 4 Marines, eager to avenge their fallen comrades, while my Hammerhead flew up to support them. My Shas'O also jumped ahead and the Crisis Suits jumped towards the Assault Squad. The Fire Warriors moved towards the center of the field while my Broadsides steadily advanced.

Shooting saw 3 out of 4 Marines killed by Vespid shooting, The Destructor was destroyed, 1 Assault Marines died to Plasma fire and the Piranhas picked off 1 Marine of the Las squad.

In combat my Vespid ganged up on the lone Marine left standing and killed it swiftly, while my Suits jumped for cover.

Turn 4:

Things got serious, my opponent now had 1 Landspeeder, 4 guys of the Lascannon squad and 4 guys of another squad left, as well as 2 Snipers, 3 Assault Marines and a Company Master. My opponent tried to damage my Piranhas with the Assault Marines and Las squad, but failed. Other shooting was ineffective.

In my turn I moved the Hammerhead into his Deployment zone, ready to annihilate the 4 guys of the other squad. The Vespid zoomed the other way around, to be in a position where they could kill the Snipers or the same 4 guys. The Crisis Team jumped towards the Assault Marines and the Broadsides took aim at them as well.

Shooting saw the Fire Warriors kill the final 2 Snipers, the 3 Assault Marines died to combined Railgun and Plasma Rifle fire, while the 4 marines with the Heavy Bolter all died. The Piranhas attempted to hurt the Las marines but failed.

Turn 5:

The Company Master advanced towards my Broadsides and left the other 2 remaining squads standing. The Lascannon squad managed to down my Hammerhead (with 3 consecutive 6's) The Company Master charged and destroyed my Broadside team, but was left with nothing to consolidate into.

In my turn I put out an ungodly amount of firepower into the Company Master:
9 Fire Warriors rapidfired (3 couldn't see)
3 Crisis Suits rapidfired
5 Vespid fired
my Shas'O fired.

I delivered plenty of wounds (about 15) and he only received 1 wound. I was annoyed.

In an act of desparation I had my Vespid assault him, but they were unable to even wound him and got killed in return, as the Company Master consolidated towards my Fire Warriors.

Turn 6:
He zoomed his Landspeeder up to the center of the field, remembering the mission objective and had his Company Master assault the Fire Warriors. Taking a gamble I allowed a sweeping advance to be made (leaving 2 FW's in B2B contact). My Fire Warriors were exterminated, but it payed off: he rolled a 1 on his consolidation, keeping him unable to consolidate into my Crisis Team.

In my turn I zoomed my 2 Piranhas to the center of the field with their 24" move, joined by my Shas'O and the Crisis Team.

The Crisis Team chose to ignore the Company Master and shot down the Landspeeder, while my Shas'O tried to shoot his Company Master for sport.

When the smoke cleared my faithful soldiers were able to claim victory:
With 2 scoring units on the center of the field against 0 of his, I had won the battle.

Lesson learned:
Vespid are DAMNED useful when facing Marines. I should field them more often.

Kroot are next to useless when they can't infiltrate, they were sitting ducks for the entire game. Though they DID take down 6 Assault Marines (yes I count the 3 who died in the woods, since the presence of Kroot forced my opponent to make such a foolish choice and payed dearly as a result)

Go Auxies! ^^
Manta angry! Manta smash! Manta bash!
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