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Speed Freeks...
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Default Speed Freeks...

i'm having a problem facing sum mechanized orks and i was wondering if any1 could help
i'd post a battle report but the battle was a while ago and I don't remember evrything... so here goes...

An Ork player that I play occasionally sumtimes puts evrything into a huge battlewagon (made w/vehic creation wizard thing) large enuff to cram a bunch o' trukks into and w/lotsa guns and av 14 all around. So anyway, in the game I played vs. him, thankx to sum bad luck w/rolling to penetrate w/my railgun (i hate dice) his battlewagon was in my lines and out come the orks and overwhelm my poor tau in a flood of green. I know playing a more mechaniz'd army would help, but overall he's got a lot o' trukks and w/most tau units @ medium range and w/him moving 24 inches a turn he approaches my lines so fast! What should i do, get more railheads?

Originally Posted by Wood Gecko (Diplodactylus Vittatus)
aw... he's so cute... wha?... a gun?....nice kitty.... nice kitty.... BOOM!
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Default Re: Speed Freeks...

get a broadside squad like so;
3 broadsides
2 with target
1 with multi

And remember that unless the vehicle is open topped, he can't assault out of it. And that if it's open topped, you do more damage!

some fishes for FoF would be nice too, cause he wouldn't be able to get them so easily with his sea of green.
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Default Re: Speed Freeks...

Surround all entrances, EMP/ RailGun it, everything will be trapped inside when it blowes >.
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Default Re: Speed Freeks...

First off, playing with people using VDR rules is not a good idea. They're ripe for abuse (as you describe) not to mention just plain dumb. I would also be careful b/c I don't think the VDR rules allow you to pack 80 or 100 models into a single unit anyways. In other words, what he's doing is likely illegal.

Second, you only need a 4+ to get a penetrating hit on it (remember, AP 1 = penetrating hits even on glancing). If he moves 24" he can't disembark and if you pop the vehicle nearly everything in it will die (read the chart in the vehicle section carefully: If you move over 6" everything is wounded on a 4+ and then you reroll any 1-3's; that equals about 75% of the contents taking wounds). Then they're all auto-pinned so you mow them down next turn.

So you ML the thing and then pound it with every railgun you have.

If you have squads in DF, you could do as Orange says first: Run right up to it and disembark your troops surrounding it (make sure the DF don't block LOS!!!). When it goes everything inside will die b/c they can't disembark. However, I'd prefer just to move everything up to within 12" so you can RF him.
Waldo Pepper

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Default Re: Speed Freeks...

Just a few more notes, if that thing was VDR, and had armour 14, then there's no way it moved fast or anything--no faster than a normal vehicle. Also, if it was a hauler and could carry vehicles and other such things, then that beast was well over 400+ points probably.

If it was a real battle wagon, that exists outside of VDR, then it did -not- have 14 armour and you were lied to.

Do you have any more details about his vehicle?

As mentioned, stray away from VDR users unless you have a VDR vehicle in your list too. I've always found that VDR totally unbalances the game unless both people are allowed to make one of the same values (and even then, a better vehicle still unbalances the game dramatically).
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Default Re: Speed Freeks...

I generally avoid people totting VDR stuff (who incidently almost never actually model their monstrosities so you can just tell them "Sorry, it's not WYSIWIG), biotitans, or most IA vehicles: Baneblades? Give me a break. : They can drag that stuff to the kindergarten...

Waldo Pepper

The general who wins a battle makes many calculations before the battle is fought. - Sun Tzu

I want to die in my sleep like my grandpa, not screaming in terror like the rest of the people riding in his car.
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Default Re: Speed Freeks...

Hmmm...I think I can help here lad. I play an Evil Sunz mob with a pair of battlewagons. First, if what you were facing was a battlewagon, its av 13 front, 12 sides and 10 rear. Keep in mind this is a Vehicle..not a fast Vehicle. However..there are ways of getting them to move like one. Under its normal power, it can move 12 inches, just like any tank...now if its painted red and he paid the points for it, that bad boy will get up and move 13". Turbo Boostas will get you an additional d6 inches. Yes boys and girls, that battlewagon WILL move 19" if it gets a good roll. However, thats all its doing. Orks also get a nifty upgrade called Armor Plates. Implimenting it means you get a d6 save vs ANY glancing or penetrating hit on the vehicle with said plates on a roll of 6. So yes, even the humble wartrakk can shrug off a Railgun hit. It just does'nt do so very often. If you want some tips on dealing with this army, let me know if what he's running are true battlewagons or some hopped up VDR creation.
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Default Re: Speed Freeks...

as was said, keep VDR at arms length .

and confront him about it, he seems to have cheated either way, that way he'll never do it again because he knows you'll give him stick about it.
Originally Posted by Mael
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Default Re: Speed Freeks...

i remeber when a guy who was new to warhammer thought the best way to win was with a 800 point space marine warmahcine with multiple ordanance wepons etc.....It turns out that cheating like that never pays as he got taken down by wraithlords and an avatar in combat!

If you do get to play him versus a standard speek freaks army then still theres not much to worry. Tau seem to have a definatre edge over orks with the basic frie warrior and his trnasport. The orks dont even gert saves from kroot rifles, and furthermore you dont need to take broadisdes for their tanks can be popped with missile and even pulser rifles! hurrah for the fire warriors!
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Default Re: Speed Freeks...

Yeah, have no fear about sitting down with him and going over the configuration, points and his justification for them before the game. The VDR can be totally abused and he may just be making a few mistakes that results in an unitentionally illegal behemoth mobile.

Question for the masses: Can Freekz dismount and assault in v4? I checked the v4 Armegeddon FAQ but there's no mention in there. If they can, it's probably in teh codex which I dont' have with me.
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