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Need help with Tau vs Chaos!
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Default Need help with Tau vs Chaos!

Hey i've lost to my friends Chaos army 3 times now and I can't lose again!
He fielded a Daemon prince, korne beserkers, defiler, chaos space marines - that infiltrated with lascannons!, raptors and terminators.
The few games that we've had i've been beaten really badly so I tried some different things today and that was working for most of the game but I still lost in the end.
If anyone has a few really good tips on versing chaos i'd really appreciate it, I'm so close to actually working out how to beat this evil army!
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Default Re: Need help with Tau vs Chaos!

What units did you field when things started to work? (i.e. How many firewarriors, battlesuits, tanks, etc.)
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Originally Posted by Wargamer
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Default Re: Need help with Tau vs Chaos!

*(tim voice), umm well, there is no clear answer, chaos are the most unbeatable force in the cosmos!*
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Default Re: Need help with Tau vs Chaos!

Originally Posted by Gamblor
*(tim voice), umm well, there is no clear answer, chaos are the most unbeatable force in the cosmos!*
Not true at all!!
First of all what have you been fielding in your army and what do you have avalible to use in games? Also how many points are you playing?

As a Chaos player myself I shouldnt give tips away, but what the hell I like my Tau more =D!!

It sounds like your playing about 1500-2000 pts?
Take lots of fire warriors 24-36 I recomnd with no upgrades not even shas'ui. take the basic then use spare points to build up. A good shas'el commander would work well or a Shas'O PR, MP, are the weapons I would choose. take also two units of Crisis fitted for aint termies, twin PR, FB. i know very expensive BUT they can turn and take out infantre aswell!!

your bigest worrie is the guys that infaltrate on your first turn. Snipers. Take out the bulk of that unit and whats left use a unit of crisis on them. then the next problem is the Raptors, fast, mobile and deadly!! blow them away. quick.

Then it would be the Khonre, these are one of the best combat units in the game. Fearless and a full unit can muster around 50 attacks on the charge!! even 3-4 in your lines would cause BIG trouble. take them out aswell and pick of whats left.
You out way them in fire power use it!! Theres always somthing big and ugly to shoot at in a chaos army!!

Post back and let us know the Pts and what you use. see if we can guid you better from there.

good luck

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Default Re: Need help with Tau vs Chaos!

Do you have a particular play style? Hybrid, Mech, Static?

Ionhead. Sniper Drones.

Buddy of mine who plays chaos always guns for those first on me. So keep your other units far enough away that they won't be caught in a consolidation or massacre! result for the drones but close enough to decimate whatever is there after.

Does your opponent play a particular Chaos army? I'm always up against Night Lords. So markerlights are my best friends there.

As for more FWs. They always help, but take the 'Ui and the Bonding knife. There's nothing worse than watching 4 shots run off the board because your ld is 7.
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Default Re: Need help with Tau vs Chaos!

I'd say lots of Firewarriors in 'Fish. The more mobile your Firewarriors are the more survivable they'll be. Fish of Fury is an option but I wouldn't try it for a game you HAVE to win unless you're quite experienced with it (it's a trick, you only pull it out when necessary for fear of your opponent finding a way around it).

Depending on your points you can use the Kroot. They're cheap and infiltrate and on the charge can pump out quite a few attacks to screw up those marines with Lascannons. If you can pack some Kroot Hounds in there that'll work, too.

Sniper Drones are definitely an option but we don't know what you've got to work with.

As a good all-purpose Crisis Commander try the Aurora/Centurion. Nice, even point cost, and if I remember right you throw a CIB, a Plasma Rifle, and a Multi-Tracker on him/her/it.

If you've got heavy support stuff like Rail Guns and Ion Cannons be sure to keep it alive and pointed at the right targets. You want those Berzerkers DEAD, you want those Raptors DEAD, and you finally want that Defiler messed up something fierce. How to do it is up to you.
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Originally Posted by Dra'Tuisich-Novae
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