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Kroot Forest shooting question
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Default Kroot Forest shooting question

So how does this work exactly? I guess this isn't a Kroot specific question, but for any unit that is in a forest. Normally a unit can see through and shoot through 6" of forest, right? Does that mean that if they are within 6" of the forest edge, they can shoot up to the maximum range of their weapon, or does it mean that if they are within 6" of the forest edge, they can only shoot up to 6"?

For example, if I am 3" away from the forest edge, that the unit can shoot an area 3" outside of the forest?
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Default Re: Kroot Forest shooting question

A unit can see into area terrain up to a distance of 6". A unit can see out of area terrain up to a distance of 6". A unit cannot see entirely through area terrain at all, no matter how thin it is.

In your example, the unit can see through the 3" of area terrain and then unlimited distance beyond that.
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Default Re: Kroot Forest shooting question

Here's how it works. Most units can only see out of ANY terrain feature for a distance of 6". So if some marines were in a forest or a large building and were 7" deep into it they would not be able to see any thing. If some fire warriors were 3" in the forest or building they could see out and shoot at anything 30" away.

Kroot with their skills in the forest and jungle can see 12" out. so put your kroot in some forest and for your opponent to kill the kroot they must venture into the woods.

Hope this helps you!
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