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Question about constructing crisis suits and rules
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Default Question about constructing crisis suits and rules

Reading around the site i read that you should wait to put the weapons on these suits. Once yuo decide and do put the ones on ya want are those suits unchangeable?(sp) I am REALLY new to 40k so forgive me if this is utter newbishness, but i am curious. To put it simpler, if yuo have crisis suits or any unit with a varible amount of equip choices already made and put together, can you change what it has later even though it might not "visiably" have those weapons/equip and steal be legal? If not, that could become a mighty expensive venture to be prepared for everything.
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Default Re: Question about constructing crisis suits and rules

One of warhammer's rules, is "What you see is what you get." Meaning, if it's not there, it's not there. Now sometimes, you can get away with it, like with wargear that doesn't really have a model (such as chaos lords or chaos champs with daemonic strength, as it's not a modeled upgrade). But weapons are definately model upgrades, so they need to be there. So if you build your suit with a burst cannon and plasma rifle, but later want missile pods... don't expect people to be ok with you saying that your burst cannon counts as the missile pod. Some are ok with that, but not most as it's not really cool.

Check the thread on Magnets and Suits. You only really need to do it for your Suits and your Hammerheads. It's not that expensive either, and it allows you to do much more with your models, instead of buying more models so it leaves you completely in control and can save you money with a tiny investment on the magnets (magnets cost maybe $5 for a pack of 30 or 50 or something).
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Default Re: Question about constructing crisis suits and rules

In tourney's or just most games at Games workshop the What you see is what you get rule does apply. But in friendly games your opponent should just let you do what's called proxy and pretend that thing are other things... for example I as an eldar player like to use starcannons but because the falcon doesn't come with one I don't have enough. :'( so to keep my army uniform I just use scatterlasers in stead and pretend that they're starcannons and that's cool with my friends because they sometimes proxy aswell.
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Default Re: Question about constructing crisis suits and rules

I don't have my weapons glued on. Its as simple as that. Mine are separate and painted, and when it comes to playing, I just pick the ones I want and slot them in, once painted its a pretty tight fit, so no glue needed :P
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Default Re: Question about constructing crisis suits and rules

As with the majority of people here, warhammer is play by WYSIWYG...so when you choose your suit's weapons and Glue them...don't...I highly recommend that you go here:
With the guide there you will be able to see how you can put magents on your crisis suits, so that you will easially be able to swap weapons around...any questions just post or PM me!
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