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View Poll Results: How Many Auxiliaries do you use in a 2000 point game?
none, pure Tau 14 22.95%
1 Squad 14 22.95%
2-3 Squads 26 42.62%
4-5 Squads 6 9.84%
Almost my entire army! 1 1.64%
Voters: 61. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Auxiliaries

Having just finished my first 1500 points of pure mechanized Tau I am looking to expand my force for Apocolypse. Reading the Tau fluff their battle doctrine seems to involve extermly fast mechanized forces operating around slow auxiliary battle lines. So, including Humans, Kroot and Vespid, how many do you use in a 2000 point game?
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Default Re: Auxiliaries

In a 2k game, I'd have one unit of Kroot, and depending on how they're working either another one, or a unit of vespids. But it'd probably be another kroot ^-^
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Default Re: Auxiliaries

Well, my Kroot lately have been proving to be an extremely intimidating Assault-deterent (I put them right next to my fire base in cover and suddenly no one wants to assault me...), so definitely a squad of them. I play Hybrid with a strong Static leaning, so my next Auxiliaries choice would probably be a FULL unit of Vespids. Given Markerlight support and correct timing and distance, they are exceedingly lethal to MEq assaulters. However, I've only ever played like, 1 or 2 2000 pt games, so I'd be building that list on almost all theory; but then, what isn't theory if it isn't practice...?
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Default Re: Auxiliaries

I go with an auxiliary-heavy army for fluffy reasons. 1 or 2 of Kroot, 2 Gue'vesa, 1 Vespid at higher point levels like 2000.
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Default Re: Auxiliaries

I was working on a 400 pt combat patrol list that had to be expanded to a 500 point satndard list because it was hard to convince anyone to play under the "restrictive" combat patrol rules. I have 1 squad of human auxilaries and the ratio looks about right. If I expand the army I would include some type of auxilary for every 500 points. a big squad of kroot would be my next two choices, and just for fun a few vespids would be my last choice.
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Default Re: Auxiliaries

I like the clean look of Tau, so I only have the kroot simply as an infiltration deterrent. I've never really seen the use of them beyond that, as I'd rather just get more big guns...
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Default Re: Auxiliaries

In 2000 points I usually run 2 squads of 10 kroot, mostly to protect my broadside and fire warriors on foot from assault and to give me a sort of battle line for my devilfish to work around.
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Default Re: Auxiliaries

I love auxillaries! And my girlfriend loves the Kroot, so it's a win-win situation!

I'd field a squad or two of Kroot, plus a squad of gue'vesa counting-as Fire Warriors (all equipped with pulse rifles.) When Apocalypse comes out, I plan on getting a Greater Knarloc.
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Default Re: Auxiliaries

I usually have 2 Kroot and a Vespid... but I might be switching to Farsight which means they might be leaving. On a side note, How effective are the Human Auxillaries?

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Default Re: Auxiliaries

Siric, Gue'vessa can be very effective. For 36 points you can have a scoring unit, that can just sit on an objective. For 56 points you can have a cheap way to field markerlights. So, they have their uses. I like them for the potential for conversion more than tactical superiority.

As for the poll; I have never played a 2000 point game, I'm usually at 1500. In 1500 points I have two squads of Kroot, but in higher point games I would add another squad and possibly some Vespid and Gue'vessa, so I voted for the 4-5.

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