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crisis suits
Old 28 Jul 2007, 21:20   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default crisis suits

i was reading and in 1 games of 1500 points i found out that you can field
20 crisis suits
3 broadsides
meaning you can field 23 battle suits like this
1 hq battle suit 2 bodyguard
1 o'shovah 7 body guard
3 squads of 3 crisis (elites)
3 broadsides
then that comes to
225 for the 9 crisis suits
315 for the crisis bodyguard
50/75 for the hq
150 for o'shovah
i think (i lost my codex) 180 points for the broadsides
so thats is 920 points for just that then you have to upgrade them
but who would field them and isnt that just a bit overpowered
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Default Re: crisis suits

Yoo would need two troop choices aswell remember!

Originally Posted by 1shot1kill
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Default Re: crisis suits

yeah with troop choices. think about it, for the same price the imperial gaurd could stack up on anti tank weapons. and tanks themselves. for the same points you could get about 22heavy weapon platforms and two leman russes. which would give the crisis suis a run for thier money. not to mention chimerias with mult lasers. it would overpower some armies but an army can be built to counter it.
Originally Posted by Fish Ead
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: crisis suits

Yes, as long as you include two troop choices that is legal. However, I would consider it to be powergaming, and not many people like powergamers (Unless you're in a contest to see who can be the biggest). Also, with the proper heavy weapons, your opponent could do some serious damage to your suits, and you wouldn't have many to spare.

I would only use this type of list if I were trying to create a scenario that pitted Farsight and his crisis suits against a fearsome enemy.
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Default Re: crisis suits

That's just too many, yes, I Checked on the powergaming chart, thats a powergamer army.
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Default Re: crisis suits

You can do more with a few more points.
2 HQ ea w/ 2 Bodyguards :6
3 elites of 3 : 9
3 Broadside Units of 3: 9
Total: 24.

Assume your cutting a few corners on individual power...
Figure the Broadsides cost 240 a squad.
The Elites cost 150-240 per squad
The Commanders cost roughly 240 per squad.

1200pts or so for the commanders and the broadsides. Add another 450-750 for the Elites. Add two minimized FW Squads and you can probably come in at 2000.

A lot of people would accuse you of power gaming, but honestly, you're going to be short on firepower against a horde army. Even if your Elites are 1 Squad of Fireknives, 1 Squad of Deathrains, adn 1 Squad of Burst/Flamer combos. If a Guard Horder comes at you with Conscripts followed by Regular Guard. You're going to be swamped and those Broadsides will be almost useless except for their SMS which will just be a small help. 2000 points is what...200 Guard plus 100 Conscripts? Plus enough for an HQ and a coupld Bassys?.... even if you were "powergaming" crisis suits... my money is on the Guardsmen horde running at you. Those Bassys Just hide behind some terrain and they don't have to be right on target. with 20-24 suits out there they just need to hit one. Land on their own troops? No biggie. Acceptable casualties so long as 1 Suit dies for every 12 Guard that die. Eventually they'll run you against the edge of the board and into melee and then you die. simple as that.

bottom line: Its just a bad idea.
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Default Re: crisis suits

I agree with Dagonus, while it is cool to have a suit army, its impractical, too many points for too few units. In the end its usually better to go dakka than high power. Look at it this way when you're facing a horde army, sure you'll kill units, but will you kill enough to prevent them from killing you?
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Old 29 Jul 2007, 04:03   #8 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: crisis suits

Originally Posted by Shas O Fi'rios Mont-ka
That's just too many, yes, I Checked on the powergaming chart, thats a powergamer army.
There's a Powergamer Chart?!

But, yeah, Dagonus is right... Spammed Termagaunts can make short work of Suits.

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Default Re: crisis suits

Another problem when fielding 15+ Crisis suits is that you have no room to actually USE them all - cover will be quite rare, and with one Crisis behind every single forest or hill, your forces will be spread out thin, and extremely vulnerable.
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Default Re: crisis suits

Originally Posted by Siric

There's a Powergamer Chart?!
there is, but ignore it. its rubbish. its basically says "the only fluffy armies are though with lots of troops".... :
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