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Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau
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Default Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau

I think that this is unfair and they should either make Tau stronger or Necrons weaker. The other day when I played necrons they wiped my firewarriors from the face of the earth (or which ever world they are on) in the first turn then they obliviated my suits with there tomb spiders and destroyers and I only managed to kill about two Warriors. Whats going on here?
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Default Re: Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau

Don't be so quick to blame the army list.....

Why on the first turn could the enemy see all your suits????
why where your tau with in 24" of the necrons?????

that's why you lots the game you did not play to your advantages and let the necron player play to his.
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Default Re: Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau


Welcome to the Board Be sure to check the form rules and enjoy!

Now, to your question. Give us some more information? Lists would be helpful. Terrain setting. Mission type. Mainly, the lists though and deplyoment.
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Default Re: Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau

we really do need more info. as mal said, lists and deploment is neccecary and a rough description of the terrain.
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Default Re: Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau

Well my list has changed and because the fourth ed. rules came into effect my hammerhead couldn't shoot over trees and my firewarriors were out of range until something happened and the Necrons were able to shoot me.
The suits weren't destroyed in the first turn it was more like in the 4th or something and they were in trees when the necrons attacked with their CC and killed them in about two turns.
All in all I just can't seem to defeat necrons so can someone tell me an army list or make some suggestions for an anti-necron list so I can wipe the smirk off his smug face. I'm really sorry but I don't have the army list from then and I haven't played against Necrons for a while because I know that I'm going to get crushed.

THX guys.

(there were only a line of trees in front of me and a clump of trees here and there around the board.)
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Default Re: Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau

There are lots of necro tactics on these boards. I can throw out a few I've learned and let others correct me or add on.

1. Concentration of Fire
We all agree that the most annoying thing about Necron is their WBB rule. Well, if you destroy the unit, none of them come back. How do you destroy the unit? Concentration of fire. Pick a unit and focus all your weapons on it until it is gone. Move on to the next unit.

2. Stay Mobile
With the exception of a few units, you outrange the Necron Horde with your weapons. Use this to your advantage. Force him to charge into firing lanes. Make him move towards you and then move away and focus your attentions on an entirely different unit.

3. Basic FW vs. Basic Necron = Dead Tau.
Don't go toe to toe. Make sure your FWs are all supported with bigger guns. Ion Cannons and Plasma Rifles should support every FW attack.

4. They underestimate the Kroot.
Yeah. That's right. Necron players are consistently surprised when my kroot coming charging out the trees to decimate an entire squad. Or hold them in place while my Tau eliminate everything else on the board. Add 20 Kroot to your list (or 16+4 hounds) and use them to sit in a wooded area near your firing positions. If the Necron ignore your kroot, that's 20 shots you have a turn to assist an attack. If the Necron stray to close to that wood in order to attack a FW line or a Broadsides in the rear, charge. Necron are terrible in CC. (Not as bad as Tau, but still pretty bad). At the very least, you know that the Necron will be tied up for at least a turn or two while trying to free themselves of the Kroot.

5. Know the Spyders and Destroy them quickly.
Missile pod them, seeker missile them, railhead them. Do what ever you need to do, but Spyders must be taken quickly. Nice thing about them is that they are in small squads, so if you follow rule #1 above, you shouldn't have much of a problem. Of course, Wraiths should be first, but spyders need to go as soon as possible (consider using Kroot to tie up the Wraiths…though the mercenaries will probably be slaughtered. Kroot vs. Warriors, good. Versus Wraiths? Ouch.)

6. Protect your crisis suits/tanks.
Take two HQs to take advantage of the IC status. Give them plasma rifles and consider fusion blasters. Protect them! Don't let them die. They are your most reliable necron killers. Ionheads as well. Do not move that ionhead within range of a squad of necrons. Gauss technology, while based on sheer randomness, will eventually get you. The numbers favor those who rapid fire…and the necron will rapid fire your Hammerhead if there are no other targets.

Mainly, I would advise you to not sweat the games. Necron are a tough army to face and probably the most annoying to the Tau (at least when you plasma a marine…he stays down!). The nice thing about them is that after playing them a few times, you pretty much see everything they can put down. A handful of elite/heavy support and only one troop choice. Their fast attack consists of a few units that are one trick ponies. I'd say play them. Often. Eventually you'll see that the necron player you're facing relies on a few tricks to win games….figure them out and build a list to counter it. Don't avoid him and don't avoid the loss! Take notes on the games and post in battle reports…we'll all put our heads together to crush this necron player for the greater good.
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Default Re: Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau

Welcome to the club! I agree,Necrons are a real nightmare.. Ressurection Orb=game winning wargear.
"One shot, one kill..."
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Default Re: Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau

welcome to TauOnline

Give us details, and we can better look into it

Play anew, and carefully note down everything going on. Also, search these boards for

"tactics/tactica", "fighting necrons", "local fire superiority" and thelikes. Also make sure you've read the official tactica threads, and all the stickies...

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Default Re: Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau

no kidding...

if necrons didnt hav phase out they would be and uber-army... i hate it when they take the nightbringer hes like a thorn in your side... but the thing to do is ignor him which makes almost absolutly no sense b/c hes a very big threat...
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Default Re: Tau vs Necrons, Necron Warriors etc. wipe Tau

Makes perfect sense: he is very slow and has no ranged attacks. It's extremely easy to avoid him and just focus on killing Necrons instead, thus forcing the whole army (including Nightbringer) to phase out.

i.e. Nightbringer sucks.

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