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[BatRep] First Blood: 750 pt game Tau v. Eldar v. Chaos
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Default [BatRep] First Blood: 750 pt game Tau v. Eldar v. Chaos

Ok so me and my friends Ben(Chaos) Josh(Eldar and I(Tau) got up nice and early to head out to Manchester CT (which was a nice hour long drive) Of course I got made fun of by the Eldar player (I quickly ripped him apart with the usual Eldar Jokes and then we headed for a Great Adventure!
We haven't played in while, so if there is any rules infractions don't go ballistic.
Also the Chaos player forgot to Rage with his Khornate guys, and if he did the game could have turned out a little bit differently.

The Armies:
Shas'el w/ PR, CIB and MT
2 Devilfish's
2X 10 man FW squads
2 Deathrains
10 Kroot

X2 15 guardian squads w/ a weapon platform(?)
5 Banshee's
6 Dark reapers
6 firedragons

Chaos Lord
X2 6 man Berserker's squads
3 Bikes

The Board/Deplyment:The Deployment:
  • white rectangles are my 2 devilfish's
  • The red rectangle is my hammerhead
  • the 2 blue squares are my deathrains
  • The black dots are my kroot
  • the maroon dots are KCSM's
  • the light blue square is a CSM dreadnought
  • the black X is a defiler
  • the blue green dot is a chaos lord
  • the orange dots are banshee's
  • the yellow dots are guardians
  • the pink dots are dark reapers
  • the light green dot is the farseer
I forgot to include the fire dragons but they are to right of the Farseer.
The CSM bikes are behind the dreadnought and the CSM are next to the bikes.
all the blue colored terrain pieces had ways to get on them, and the green is forests

The Objective: To capture a shine in the middle of the board.

Infiltrators: I infiltrated my kroot into the forest, and that is it for infiltrators.

Initiative went to the Tau

__________________________________________________ ________
Tau Turn One:
Movement: I moved my Deathrains toward the nearest Ice section and I kept everything else still
Shooting: My Railhead moved up a tad and opened up on the defiler with a solid shot, but they missed and murdered a poor guardsmen on a distant battlefield.
My deathrain's Opened up on one of the guardian squads and killed one (first blood )
Assault: My Deathrains moved to the edge of the ice section.
Thought of the Turn: The Hot headed run forward and die, while the cautious and taciturn survive
Eldar Turn One:
Movement: The 2 guardian squads moved forward.
The Banshees moved into the closest building, staying on the wall so they couldn't get shot at.
The Fire Dragons moved straight forward.
Shooting: The Darkreapers one of my Deathrains.
Assault: The Fire Dragons fleeted 6 straight forward.
The Guardians both fleeted forward 4 inches

Chaos Turn One:
Movement: The Berserker's, the bikes, the dreadnought and the lord all moved forward.
The Defiler edged to the side a bit so he could get sight of the Fire Dragons.
Shooting: Everything that could shot at the Fire Dragons but only managing to to kill one :O

__________________________________________________ ________
Tau Turn Two:
Movement: My Devilfish's move to the edge of the forest.
My Hammerhead move up another 3 inches to gain sight of the center Guardian squad.
My Kroot move to the edge of the forest facing the Banshee's.
Shooting: My Hammerhead rips a hole in the center Guardian squad, killing 5 of them. (they pass their moral check)
One of my Kroot can see the Banshee's and kills one of them.

Thought of the Turn: Keep in cover or the rail monster will getcha!

Eldar Turn Two:
Movement: Everything moves forward but the Reapers.
Shooting: The Fire Dragons Blow up the Defiler (as a joke we put a crater on the field)
The reapers kill 3 CSM's
The Guardians opened up on the kroot killing 5(From both guardian squads). They flee.
Assault: THe fleet of foot rolls were not as successful rolling 1's and 2's.

Chaos Turn Two:
Movement: The 3 marines moved into the crater.
The Bikes charge forward heroically.
Shooting The Dreadnought and a plasma toting marine shot and killed one Fire Dragon, they pass the moral check.

__________________________________________________ ________
Tau Turn Three:
My Shas'el deepstrikes right on to the shrine in front of the center guardian squad (which was 2 inches away from the shrine)
My Kroot rally.
Movement: My Devilfish's move forward to create a skimmer wall between the trees and he ruin, unloading 20 Fire Warriors.
Shooting: My Deathrain and my Kroot unload on the Banshee's, killing all of them.
My Shas'el kills 7 Guardians, forcing them to flee.
My Hammerhead shoots at the Dark Reapers and it misses.
My Fire Warriors massacre the other guardians, collapsing the Eldar Flank.

Thought of the Turn: FoF is wayy to good lol
Eldar Turn Three:
Shooting: The Reapers finished off the last of the three marines.
The Fire Dragons Fried two bikers.

Chaos Turn Three:
Movement: Everything except the lone Aspiring Champion Bike, Moved left towards me.
Assault: The Bike Charged the Fire Dragons, killing all five.

__________________________________________________ ________
Tau Turn Four:
Movement: The Devilfish's load up the Firewarriors.
My Hammerhead sneaks up to gain FOV on the KCSM's, and so did my Deathrain.
Shooting: My hammerhead and my Deathrain successfully blast apart one of the KCSM squads.

Thought of the Turn: Bye now I thought I was going to win, but I would loose a chunk of my Fire Warriors taking out the Darkreapers and my Deathrain and my Kroot would die for the greater good, taking out the rest of the Chaos.

Eldar Turn Four:
Shooting: The Darkreapers Opening up on the Biker and fail to hit/wound with all the hits (even with the Farseers power) :O

Chaos Turn Four:
Movement: The KCSM's, Dreadnought and the lord move up towards my Railhead.
The Bike moves just in front of the Dark Reapers.
Shooting: The Dreadnought fires at my Deathrain with it's TL heavy bolter, failing to wound at all.
The Bike wounds the Farseer with his TL bolter.
Assault: The Bike charges the Eldar killing noone, the Eldar attacks do the same

__________________________________________________ ________
Tau Turn Five:
Movement: My two Devilfish's move to the edge of the combat that is going on (to FOF the winner)
My Kroot moved in to the woods (on the edge facing my deployment zone).
My Deathrain moves towards the shrine, and so does my hammer head.
Shooting: My Railhead takes out the dreadnought.
My Deathrain blows up one marine.
Assault: My Deathrain moves into cover of the shrine.
Thought of the Turn: Really the Dice Gods must be really liking me for some reason, usually my heavy weapons shooting sucks.

Eldar Turn Five:
Assault: The Farseer Takes another wound.

Chaos Turn Five:
Movement: The Lord and the KCSM's moves towards the shrine.
Assault: The Biker(to my surprise) took out two Dark Reapers and made the Eldar run straight off the board.

__________________________________________________ ________
Tau Turn Six:
Movement: My Deathrain jumps out of the shrine to take a popshot at the KCSM's, My Hammerhead moves onto the shrine.
Shooting: My Railhead takes out 3 more marines with a submunitions round and the Deathrain takes out one more.
My Fire Warriors unleashed a firestorm of pulse fire and obliterated the lucky Biker. (Unofficially I let him go ride off into the sunset to become a Demon Prince of some sort).
Assault: My Deathrain moves back onto the shrine

Me and the Chaos Player decided to call this game.

Eldar: Everything
Chaos: All but 3 marines and a Chaos Lord.
Tau: One Deathrain and 5 kroot

Victorious Slaughter for the Greater Good!

Thanks for reading people's, that was such a great first game for my Tau

Brothers and Sisters We're just Americans.
So with that I say
"Thank You" to the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines,
for preserving my rights
to live and die for this life
and paying the ultimate price for me to be...FREE!
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Default Re: [BatRep] First Blood: 750 pt game Tau v. Eldar v. Chaos

Great job proving the strength of the greater good. FOF is definitely the way to go for Tau
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Default Re: [BatRep] First Blood: 750 pt game Tau v. Eldar v. Chaos

Bah! I would have done better if Josh had quit unloading practically everything he had into me! :shifty:

But that was an awesome game! My first game in like three years and I'm the one who runs the Eldar off the board! ;D

And just you wait! That biker is gonna be a Demon Prince! [size=8pt]....Just as soon as I get the money....[/size]
Originally Posted by Damian_Alpha
You'd be pretty motivated too, if a carnivorous space chicken was looming over your shoulder.
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Originally Posted by <<Majonga>>
oops, what happens if i did post batreps?
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Default Re: [BatRep] First Blood: 750 pt game Tau v. Eldar v. Chaos

Nice report, have a cookie +1!

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