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Targeting arrays
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Targeting arrays

noob question i think, but what do the crisis targeting arrays look like, and do they come in the crisis suit/commander box
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Default Re: Targeting arrays

yes and they are in he tau codex (there's a list of all the equipment)

i'll post the page number as soon as i can (im at work ATM )
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Default Re: Targeting arrays

Im afraid there is no picture of the Targeting array in the Codex. There is pictures of the different weapons and the Positionel relay, the command & control node, the multi-tracker, the target lock and the shield generator. (page 52 & 53 by the way)

The special issue systems (Positionel relay,Command & control node, CIB and AFP) comes with the Crisis battlesuit commander model.

I have never seen a picture of the targeting array. I don't think the Advanced stabilisation system, the Blacksun filter , the Drone controller (except on XV25s) and the targeting array come as bits so im afraid we have to make conversions if we want those support systems to show on our models.
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Default Re: Targeting arrays

You can use the Multitracker/Target Lock instead, as long as you`re consisten within your army, i.e. if you use no Target Locks in your army, you can use the bits as TAs instead.

Besides, there should be really no problem if you explain what is what in advance of the game (again, make sure you use the same bit for every Crisis in a team).
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Default Re: Targeting arrays

I use the Multitracker with the antenna bit cut off so its only a little pod with round red cam ports. But I've seen Target locks used as well and even one of those 'radio dish' things from some other kind of model set. Just be consistant in your army and tell your opponent what it represents.

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Default Re: Targeting arrays

One of my suits has a target lock on each shoulder to represent one. My 'El simply doesn't have a bit to represent it, though I cut up target locks and glued them to his chest like in one of Tael's conversions, I guess that could work.

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Default Re: Targeting arrays

I did a conversion guide for this exact thing some time ago.

Although, as everyone has said, as long as the way you represent is consistent throughout the army, there should be no problems.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Targeting arrays

i used the target lock w/ a spare antenae glued to the side...

pretty simple but i don't used t-locks so i have plenty of extras in my bits box.
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