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Announcement: Please Read
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Default Announcement: Please Read

There is a site-wide effort by the staff to eliminate the level of spam and poor posting by members. This is a result of members treating the forum as a whole like the enclave. This is unacceptable and there will be no leniency for poor posting habits. New members that may not be very familiar with the forum rules will be given one warning and established members should know better and as such will not be warned and simply receive a smite. This isn't something that I or any of the staff enjoys doing but unfortunately the actions of a few are forcing us to be so stern in enforcing the forum rules. The end result will hopefully be that we have a better and more productive site. If you see any unnecessary posts or spam post please use the report post feature and let us know.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me or any other member of the staff.


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Default Re: Announcement: Please Read

Vash, can you go into a bit more detail about what constitutes "poor posting habits"? Perhaps provide links to examples of posts of the type that you're targeting with this push? I'm unfamiliar with the enclave and as such have trouble understanding your analogy.

"i like to think of playing against my list as being like punching jelly. you put all your effort in but it just moves out of the way and you cause no damage. then your arm is covered in jelly. and the chicks come out and start wrestling in the jelly, and i drink a beer with stone cold steve austin, and we watch the chicks jelly wrestling, and then the slap-bass funk starts wakka chakka wakka wakka woh" -- Spooky, describing Mech Tau

"You can of course make a list that attempts to work via fragility and easy VP donation and Pathfinders fit into that just fine." -- kai
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Default Re: Announcement: Please Read

I think that when Vash refers to "Poor Posting Habits" he means things like L337 lenguaje, lack (or bad use) of dots and commas, and the nonsenseless post in general.
But I have a question:
Sometimes I don't know how to write a specific sentence.
So, the text can be wrong (according to the English grammar).
It's something like this a poor posting habit?
The Spell Check can't check the sentences, only the words.
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Default Re: Announcement: Please Read

All we care about is that members make an effort to be understandable when they post. That they take the time to compose a response instead of just dashing of an "lol". No one cares if you have a few grammatical mistakes here and there. This isn't your homework. But your posts should always show that you at least put some thought into them, and perhaps took the time to use the spell-check. And it is in your own interests to do so. You will find that other members will treat you with a lot more respect if they can clearly understand your posts and see that you put some effort into them. The essence of "spam" is that these posts take no effort to conceive, and require little time to post. That is fine for a chatroom setting, but we are not really set up to support that sort of conversation.
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Default Re: Announcement: Please Read

Yes, I agree that it's a good idea to eliminate the 1337 N00BZ. I find such things intensely annoying.
What about Orkspeak? : Meh, guess not.
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Default Re: Announcement: Please Read

If Ork speak was a problem, then it would be addressed, but seeing as I haven't seen too much of it, there can't be too major of a problem on the Tau board...
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