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Question re: Kroot Hounds
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Default Question re: Kroot Hounds

Please, forgive my noobiness.

Can Kroot Hounds be fielded without having Carnivores in the same team? Put another way, can you field a team of just Hounds?

The codex seems to imply no, but I'd like some verification.

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Default Re: Question re: Kroot Hounds

You would need actual kroot.
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Default Re: Question re: Kroot Hounds

In this case the codex is right. You need at least a squad of kroot to run kroot hounds and they can never leave the squad.
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Default Re: Question re: Kroot Hounds

Nope, kroot hounds are only available as an upgrade to an existing kroot squad. Of course you could always just have the kroot take all the wounds and end up with an all kroot hound squad :P.
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Default Re: Question re: Kroot Hounds

there should be a rule against not having any carnivores in the squad, but I agree to kill the kroot. I 5 on the hounds is excellent
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