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Markerlights & Sniper Drones
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Default Markerlights & Sniper Drones

OK, so you can take 3 Sniper Drone Squads as one FOC choice, and each squad has a networked ML.

Question: Can you use the same ML hit to (for example) raise the BS of ALL sinper drones (ie all 9 drones) and use the other 2 ML hits (assuming they hit) for other units?

Or, are Snipers counted as 1 unit ONLY for FOC purposes, and you would need to use all 3 markerlinght hits (again, assuming they all hit) to raise the BS of all 9 drones?

In particular, is there a rule somewhere I am missing that prohibits scenario 1?

Cheers, Trok
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Default Re: Markerlights & Sniper Drones

The drones are counted as one unit only for FOC purposes. I think it was in the Tau FAQ.

So you would need 3 markerlight hits to raise the BS of all 9 drones to BS 4.
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Default Re: Markerlights & Sniper Drones

Yes that is true otherwise sniper drones would be cheesy. Trafalgar is right.
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