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New Tau Units
Closed Thread
Old 16 Jul 2007, 19:35   #1 (permalink)
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Default New Tau Units

Just throwin this out there, wouldn't it be nice if the tau came out with a better close combat unit than kroot. Kroot aren't that great and get a 6+ armor only if you have a shaper. And yes i know they just redid the tau, but it wouldn't hurt to put out a unit with its rules in the box. Although i am making a plasma sword type conversion for a fire warrior, you can't always use conversions in a GW game. But that's just my opinion

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Default Re: New Tau Units

Wouldn't be a bad idea, but Tau aren't known for their close combat skills (Save for Farsight and his enclaves.) So don't expect any new Tau close combat units other than the Kroot.
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Default Re: New Tau Units

Sorry. It makes no sense whatsoever for several reasons:
1) Tau are physically weak.
2) Tau are physically small.
3) They hire people to get in and get dirty.
4) Lastly, they feel that they are above all those things.

Tau are not built to go hand to hand. No strength or stature really hurts them on this. Besides, Kroot die nice and easy when they go CC. When they die, the pulse fire gets the rest of the gribblies.
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Old 16 Jul 2007, 20:44   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: New Tau Units

What about a sort of battlesuit drone, specialized to close combat?

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Old 16 Jul 2007, 20:44   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: New Tau Units

A new cc unit would be utterly against the whole characteristic of the Tau military. Tau have shooty heavy units and thats how it should be. If we'd have some Uber cc units like, say an Assault suit, it wouldn't be Tau anymore. If you want something else than Tau, change to another army.

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Default Re: New Tau Units

Flechettes for battlesuits.

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Default Re: New Tau Units

Close combat Tau has been discussed many times before. GW won't do it, it would be unbalanced and pointless. Which means this thread is little more than spam.

Thread locked.

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Closed Thread


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