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Tau Battleforce
Closed Thread
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Default Tau Battleforce

hello dear people, i want to bay a battle force (tau of course) and i would like to know how many points it costs like 500 or maybe 1000??? i really don't know, please someone out there help me, i don't have a codex, so i cant look it up.
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Default Re: tau battleforce

equipment depending and counting the battlesuit as a commander i make it about 700 ish off the top of my head

though i refuse to have kroot in my army so i will advise against it
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Default Re: tau battleforce

Originally Posted by DRobot
hello dear people, i want to bay a battle force (tau of course) and i would like to know how many points it costs like 500 or maybe 1000??? i really don't know, please someone out there help me, i don't have a codex, so i cant look it up.
The Mega force is a much better deal that the Battleforce and you can find places that sell it online at 20% off sometimes, so if you can push your budget get that instead.

I agree with El Magnifico, you could squeeze 700 pts out of the Battleforce, but yould could double that with the Megaforce and get the all important Hammerhead Railgun as well as 3 $$$ expensive Piranha. It would also give you a really well tuned 1000pt force.
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Default Re: tau battleforce

Get megaforce , best bang for your bucks.Especialy due to having 3 piranha which normaly cost a ton.
It`s easy to make 1k army out of megaforce and with few other buys you will hit 1,5k fast.
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Default Re: tau battleforce

i got a battleforce and a megaforce big tua army now.
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Default Re: Tau Battleforce

Yeah 700pts sounds about right. I got one and I had to buy a few more things to get my current 1850pts right now.

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Default Re: Tau Battleforce

Like what many others are saying, the battleforce would be about 650-700 points. But I started 1x box of fire warriors, THEN the battleforce. But if you want to get a 1k army in a snap (if you have the money) the megaforce is a good deal. Just get a box of fire warriors first.
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Default Re: Tau Battleforce

The posts in this thread are a truly sad sight. The majority being completely unacceptable and far from even the simplest forum standards. Grammar and spelling, punctuation and posts that contain more than just a single line. These are standards ladies and gentleman, I've been very lax up till now and have been very lenient when it comes to this sort of thing but do not expect that to continue anymore. Consider this a warning the next time I see it I'll start handing out smites.

Read the rules and abide by them and I won't have to hand out punishments. I wish I did not have to be so harsh, it is not an enjoyable thing for me but the leniency shown by the entire staff has come back to bite us and it won't be tollerated anymore.

Thread locked.

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Closed Thread


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