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How to build my Piranhas.
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Default How to build my Piranhas.

Hi all,

I have a Tournament coming up soon in which I plan to take my Tau. I have a slight Conundrum though. I still have my 2 Piranhas to build, but I have no access to magnets at the moment so i cant magnetize the Gun on the Front. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way in which i could build and paint it now, and then later on add magnets to is so that I would be able to swap the guns around.

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Default Re: How to build my Piranhas.

I wouldn't worry. Bursts on Piranha's are useless IMO. The amount of trouble I am having taking off my old bursts, well, its ridiculous.

Best use for piranha's is as fast moving tank hunters. They can use their speed to get into good fusion range, and mince tanks and dreads easily.
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Default Re: How to build my Piranhas.

And I suppose since its for the Tournamanet specifically, in Friendly games I can say that the Fusions
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Default Re: How to build my Piranhas.

Fusion Blasters all the way.
They are awesome as tank hunters, zip 24" 1st turn and try to be behind cover. Next turn jump out and fry some hidden Basie or other armour.
You should check Feeding Frenzy tactics , in short its about using Piranha and their drones to block exit hatches from transport , frying it (penetrating hit is enough to force infantry to disembark). Since infantry inside can`t get out they die.
Run them with TA and FB , no other upgrades , cheap and efficient.

About BC`s , for one we have high saturation of Pulse Fire in our army , and wasting precious FA slots for it is just unreasonable.
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