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Friendly Independent Campaign
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Default Friendly Independent Campaign

So my 40k buddies and I are doing our own campaign on the side. I have all the bg fluff and all but the point cap is 10k pts. Basically each participant in the campaign will represent one faction in this campaign and each player can take up to 10k pts of whatever he wants to use during the ENTIRE Campaign. units that are killed can not regenerate, although multiwound characters who have not lost all their wounds may "heal" and be fielded at full strength at the next battle. I believe the same is with vehicles, that they can be repaired, but if destroyed, they are gone for good.

Battles will start out in small skirmishes maybe 500 pts? and escalate to 2000pt battles.

My opponents are: Chaos, IG, SM, Inquisition, Nids, mayhaps necrons.

Now here's the question: I have pretty much refined my 2k army, entirely mech, but it seems lame to just cut and paste that list 5x. Does anyone have any advice on which units to take more of? or anything else that concerns unit selection? any advice will help, thanks!
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Default Re: Friendly Independent Campaign

Well, the obvious answer is that you should take more of the units that usually die during your 2,000-point games. If you take 5 identical 2,000-point lists, You will probably never need all of the HQ and Troop choices.
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