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Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"

doesn't Mont'ka sound like the tau empire's "Martial Art" since it means "Killing Blow". If it is, it must have been based off Jeet Kune Do in my opinion.
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Default Re: Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"

It is likely that the Tau do have some sort of hand-to-hand training, although it certainly is not that effective against anyone else. But the term "Mont'ka" refers to a tactical doctrine. I have never seen it used to refer to an aspect of combat training.
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Default Re: Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"

in comparison to a species like humanity that uses CHAINSAW Swords- yes the Tau suck, but then again so would the US army- the Tau definitively have some form of close combat (i mean, c'mon, during the month of the Shas they have ritualized hunts- gotta know how to use a spear to hunt the clone beasts!)
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Default Re: Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"

isnt the average human WS the same as a tau? i mean, the tau are just relativley untrained in CC
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Default Re: Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"

Well, an average guardsmen is like our average Special Ops person, and they have WS3. A conscript is like an average soldier, they're WS2.
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Default Re: Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"

Threes across the board in WS, BS, S, T, and Initiative is average for a "Soldier", someone who is trained and disciplined enough to know what they are doing, how to take a hit, and keep a steady aim. Two's across the board is indicitave of an "Ameteur", someone who knows just enough to actually injure something. So really, the average Fire Warrior can throw a decent punch, but their about as accurate as your average civilian (and have equivalent reflexes).

Really, while they do have some combat practice, it's about the equivalent to the self-defense classes you might take at the local YMCA. Since they know going toe-to-toe with a battleaxe with teeth is a bad thing, they focus on ranged combat and team-structuring.
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Default Re: Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"

Originally Posted by MarkSamurai
doesn't Mont'ka sound like the tau empire's "Martial Art" since it means "Killing Blow". If it is, it must have been based off Jeet Kune Do in my opinion.
Well if the Tau have a form of 'Martial Art' (Lets assume they do for discussion, at its not superhuman like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). Why would you think it is based of Jeet Kune Do?

...and What Style of Martail Arts suits Tau philosophy?

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"

Honestly i think if tau did practise one of our current martial arts it would be aikedo. They are not physically strong or fast so stlyes like kung fu or any sort of kickboxing would be out. Jeet kune do is far to simplistic in my mind, and karate.... well its just karate. i think they would prefer to use their opponents strenght against them and its just less brutish than most styles of fighting, also they are never represented with weapons and aikedo is one of the few martial arts that is taught strictly with hand fighting.
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Default Re: Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"

No, Aikido wouldn't cut it for the Tau.

Remember, the Tau's big problem isn't so much strength (they're roughly equal to humans there) but that at close range, their eyes don't focus fast enough to react easily to other opponents.

Aikido is a finesse style for sure, but it requires good hand-eye coordination/spatial awareness to be effective. Like good JKD or Karate, good aikido still needs fast hands and good distancing. With their slow eyes, regular Tau just don't have that... I mean, maybe a Shas'O could pull a few Steven Segals here and there, but regular Tau...? Uh, probably not.

If the Tau were to adapt some empty-handed system, it'd have to be something that addresses their slowness in hand-to-hand. My guess is that it'd probably be something that uses close-order formations and simple movements that can take advantage of fighting in a group... kinda like Dire Avengers do when they buy the Defend skill.

Would such a system have an actual, real-life equivalent, I don't know - 'cos I'm not a kung fu expert or anything. However, I do know that in ancient times, infantry formations used a lot of close-order techniques to make the most of the varying skill and strength levels of their soldiers, and allowed them to go toe-to-toe with quite a lot of different things (horses, skirmishers, archers, other infantry formations, etc.). Greeks, Romans, Chinese - these cultures I know should have them, and others should have had them too. I'm sure that if the Tau went into battles expecting CC, they'd prob. develop something along these lines too.
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Default Re: Mont'ka, the tau empire's "Martial Art"

A martial art? Dunno, we'd need to know more about the Tau to really determine if they ever thought of adding an art to melee. Look at human history, not every culture came up with one, some were perfectly content that combat is combat, no formal system to it.

Floobosaurus is right, they'd need something that emphasizes maximum amount of damage with as little speed necessary as possible. Given their penchant for ranged weaponry I'd say in combat you'd probably be much more likely to see some US Military rifle techniques (butt strokes and the like), but then you're asking about a martial art.

I'd imagine Kenpo would be a great fit for the Tau. It's essentially an "americanized" Martial Art, one that takes inspiration from many forms and styles. It's able to be done fast and fluid or slow and powerful, exceedingly complex or brutally basic, and is designed to be able to be performed with minimal amount of training while still having more complex concepts with more experience to exploit.

More appropriately from Aun'Shi we know he used a staff of sorts and Kenpo isn't just an unarmed form but depending on who you talk to you can apply its philosophies to several weapons as well, including the staff.

Most importantly though it's good at longer ranges where you can use your legs more, medium ranges where you can use your hands and knees, and even close ranges where you use your elbows and grappling techniques. Most of its grappling is simple but effective and doesn't require a large degree of spatial awareness or even much in the way of sight (I used to have to fight without any vision aid since I didn't always wear contacts and I'm pretty near-sighted, things are only sharp out to about two feet; no problems of any kind with dealing with opponents' movements).

Depending on your take on Tau battle philosophy you could also apply Krav Maga (may be spelling it wrong, FYI), the Israeli martial art that specializes in taking on multiple opponents IIRC. To my understanding it's pretty brutal, simple, and relies on fighting opponents you can't see (like ones behind you).

I am not an expert on martial arts styles, though, so there may be even more that would apply. But so far I'm going to go with Kenpo and military rifle techniques.
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