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Crisis from XV-88's
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Default Crisis from XV-88's

I bought a Brodside today, and it looks like I can build a crisis suit out of it(like skyray/HH/Devilfish). Anyone else know of anything like that happening?
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Default Re: Crisis from XV-88's

Yup, you can do it. The XV88 box comes with everything you'll need for a regular XV-8.

Check the prices tho. The Skyray box is good b/c it costs either the same or very close to the Hammerhead one. Also, it's good cuz the only difference b/w them is the turret. Since XV8s and 88s aren't really interchangable, it might not be worth the extra cost for the extra bits.

EDIT: What I meant was that they weren't interchangeable in the sense that a person may not want to pin/magnetize their bits or have their Crisis suits running around with those massive elephant feet.
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Default Re: Crisis from XV-88's

Actually, XV8's and XV88's are VERY much interchangeable, if you know how to balance pinning for the Railguns and magnets for hard-point items/SMS arms. The problem is the feet provided with the broadside restrict motion and posing, though they are far more stable than the default Crisis legs.
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Default Re: Crisis from XV-88's

It's always been like that. That's why the Broadsides bits are metal, so they wouldn't have to make another plastic sprue.
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