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Does Static Tau Actually Work?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Does Static Tau Actually Work?

I am building a Tau force and was considering the three main options: static, hybrid, and mech. As I thought about the kinds of missions that are out there and the objectives that each one presents, I was curious how static tau could actually be a competitive force.

From the way that I understand static tau, you have a ton of Fire Warriors, Crisis Suits, Broadsides and Sniperdrones. Pathfinders give markerlight support and are the most mobile in their Devilfish.

For those of you that play static tau, I am curious how you achieve a victory in games like an Alpha level Recon, or objective based missions. Even a mission like Cleanse seems hard to pull off since you have such reduced mobility to respond to your opponent.

Static tau players, how do you do it? How do you pull off the win?
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Default Re: Does Static Tau Actually Work?

First Answer: Kroot
Four units of FW supplemented by two full units of Kroot make for an effective and (and well defensable) base. Static kroot, at times, can actually do better than Tau at the same ranges, especially because they can guarantee themselves cover and line of sight. Additionally, it provides a sheild against forward assault troops that can hold them down and soften them up, while your Fire Warriors spray their main line. Keep in mind, when in cover any unit counts as Intiative 10 when charged, so standing and shooting will do rediculous damage to those assault forces the enemy may deploy, as well as heavy weapons teams.

Sniperdrones supplemented by Pathfinders provides efficient pinning resources as well as mop-up. Broadsides are a must, as are Seeker Missiles on any vehicles you do take: Those sniper teams, pathfinders, and their supporting devilfish can increase their efficiency exponentially if they can damage a wider array of enemy units.

If you can, try to add some plasma rifles to your broadside teams. When the enemy starts to close in, being able to move full distance and fire 24" with AP2 weapons can buy your broadsides the time they need to get clear, or to move up and double-tap the target (six TL BS3-5 S6 shots will take out more than twice as many basic infantry as 3 TL S10 shots).

EDIT: Additionally, never forget that static does not mean that you HAVE to stay stationary. My forces are largely static firebases, but I can and do move units around to support each other, land more shots, or evade enemy forces.

Alpha level missions are actually a static players best friend, as the enemy's infiltrators and deep-strikers have to start at their deployment zone, save for special rules. Pathfinders are great for securing enemy territory, as they can hop back in their transport later and skip over to other zones/objectives in the last few turns.

Also, remember: You don't have to kill all of your enemy's forces to win. If you can negate his most dangerous units, all you have to do is soften the closest/most mobile SCORING UNITS to the objective below half, and they cannot contest the objectives. ;D
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Default Re: Does Static Tau Actually Work?

Although not having much else to add to this otherwise excellent advice, I'd configure some Kroot to guard your Fire Warriors. I usually spend 100 points even assembling a Carnivore pack to counter-charge people in melee with the Fire Warriors. That buys you ten Kroot Carnivores and five Kroot Hounds, the latter benefitting because on a charge they'll net you fifteen S4 attacks at an initiative better than the average marine, meaning you may knock some down before they get to smash your Carnivores with impunity, due to their lack of armour save.

I usually camp the Kroot pack 7" back from the edge of a forest, but also within 10" of the Fire Warrior squad, so they can harass nearby people with their rifle shot, as well as should the Fire Warriors find themselves in close combat, the Kroot can rush in to save their allies' extremely uncoordinated hides!
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Default Re: Does Static Tau Actually Work?

while i completely dislike playing a static force of anykind (this is why im switching away from Tau... 5-6 skimmers is just too expensive) ive been able to net a few wins with my static Tau...
we usually play a "kill the other guy!" kinda game at our hobby shop, with maybe one objective thrown in, so all i can help with is the killing portion...
i find that a bunch of firewarriors, a bunch of suits, and a broadside or two works wonders
the firewarrior either make your opponent take armor saves like crazy, or rips through his guardsmen/orks/tyranids (you get the idea)
the suits (i use FireKnives [plasma rifle, misslepod] or plasma/fusion balster suits) rip apart Meq's and light vehicles... or Heavy ones if you get close enough
they can be used staticly, by jumping out of one piece of cover over and over again, and they can also be used for the last minute dash to the objective

i use a list similar to that and it worked wonders, just remember to not get inot assault with ANYTHING!!! not only do your guys suck at hand to hand combat... but the worst part of it is you're probably losing a Key element of your army's shooting potential to a locked up assault, leaving you unable to deal with a certain unit type...
yeah, easier said than done, i know
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Default Re: Does Static Tau Actually Work?

Can it work....short answer...yes...is it competative...short answer...no. You can generslly win a few pick ups games and friendly games with a static list...but it wouldnt prefrom well against effeceint builds. Mech and Hybrid are by far stronger builds. It all depends. I love mech tau, because it gain the advantage of mechanized armies and hybrid armies. You can form a very solid static fire base with a mech or hybrid list...then when the enemy draws near...you just fly everything away and they get to cry. In objective based missions, static armies do not fare well...what happens of you roll recon against a cc army?...might as well shake hands and call it a game, your done. Even objective markers, you dont have the staying power to pile objectives from anything. Its just not a very effecient build.

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Default Re: Does Static Tau Actually Work?

Generally, I think hybrid has the best shot at winning tournaments in general. Played well, it can mitigate the weaknesses of either static or mech.

Static can do alright. Last tournament I was in, I had five firewarrior teams, one kroot team, nine broadsides, all pimped out excessively(TAs, for example) and a buncha stealths and crisis suits. It was essentially nothing more than a huge gunline, but I placed 6th out of 32. Not horribly bad, and I might have done better had I not made a firing order mistake that cost me badly(broadsides failed Ld, shot scouts in cover instead of assault bikers. Realized I'd forgetten to fire a unit of FW in range of them at the scouts).

The big thing about static armies is terrain. If there's a ton, you're going to have problems. My first randomly drawn mission did happen to be recon, playing against an assault marine army. I lost a team of BS and two fw teams, he ended the game with a single assault marine left alive. Why? It was GT style terrain...only six pieces. That map had almost all the terrain reasonably close to the edges. Had they been in the middle, it would have been an entirely different game.
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Default Re: Does Static Tau Actually Work?

Hell yes it is.
Each unit would benifit from another. FW and Kroot help each other. Pathfinders, Snipers and Boradsides kick ass together. all effective and usefull

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Default Re: Does Static Tau Actually Work?

In short, static has the most firepower, mech has the most mobility. If you don't need mobility, just go static.

Mech sucks on a wide open board anyhow. Nothing for your suits to hide behind, and skimmers starting in the open sucks if they get first turn. Mech really needs at least moderate terrain to be viable.
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Default Re: Does Static Tau Actually Work?

eh... at my first tourney I was playing a hybrid list, and another Tau player was playing static...

I had 2 FW squads, a Broadside squad, 2 Ionheads, Piranha, 2 XV8 and my HQ (@ 1000 pt), he had 3 FW squads, 2 single Broadsides, a Stealth team, his HQ and 1-2 XV8

now while I was all over the field blowing things to bits, he preferred to scrunch all his units against the back of his deployment zone, not move AT ALL and just try to shoot anything that came into his LoS.

in the end I came in 2nd place (out of 12), he finished 11th.

...yet everyone I talk to considers his style of play to be cheesy... :-\
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Default Re: Does Static Tau Actually Work?

One thing to remember...

fluff-wise, the tau are not very static at all. the codex more or less says
that the tau use the kroot as a battle-line, and keep the tau units mobile (not sure about the page or the specifics, i dont have my codex on me). so in theroy, the tau firewarriors would be mobile, and the kroot static. of course, this doesnt happen in game.

but ya, i think they work. what you could do is pour a huge amount of fire power into killing enemy mobile units (by say, turn 4) then move in far enough to maintain 50% of the objectives.
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