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How to Stop the Falcon-Fire Dragon Combo
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Default How to Stop the Falcon-Fire Dragon Combo

Seeing as i have had large success with this combo in frustrating my tau foes,

how do you tau players stop this threat? do you simply throw pie plates at it?

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Default Re: how to stop the ffalcon-fire dragon combo

Masses of missile pods personally. I tend to find that the Falcon doesn't make for a great closing vehicle, exposing it's vulnerable rear armor is a bad idea. Should the Eldar player do that then Infiltrated units such as Kroot or Stealth suits firing on the rear armor can bring it down and fast units such as Piranhas aren't bad either, especially equipped with seeker missiles and even better if the Piranha can cover the rear door of the Falcon before it's destroyed auto-killing all the Firedragons inside. This is really easy to do against Eldar vehicles as they have only one access point.

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Default Re: How to Stop the Falcon-Fire Dragon Combo

I would also recommend blocking the rear entrance and hitting it with as much dakka as possible. I had ten fire warriors double tap the rear and got two glances and a pen on an immobilized one. I wasn't close enough to block the hatches, but I will be next time.

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Default Re: How to Stop the Falcon-Fire Dragon Combo

Honestly... Eldar Vehicles in general give me nightmares. It seems every time I "think" I've destroyed a wave serpent its not dead (I don't often see Falcons, and the Wave Serpents I go against are usually full of Dire Avengers, but the principle is the same). You guys have a defense for everything. So usually I rely on flying a loaded fish behind it and FoFing it in the rear. I find with all the Eldar defenses the best way to take it down is massed Pulse Fire rearward. If that fails.. Then I resort to my Deathrain, Fireknife, Commanders and Ionhead. The downside to this is its usually a poor positioning for my Firewarrior team, but the risk is usually outweighed by the benefit of the loss of a vehicle and its contents for the Eldar.
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