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Best heavy weapons Configuration
Old 05 Jul 2007, 10:00   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 97
Default Best heavy weapons Configuration

Okay Fellas heres a topic that my friend have been debating thouroughly. What is better in a heavy weapons slot 2 Broadsides or 1 Hammerhead pimped out?

Just for debate and if you have something that works effectively for you.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Best heavy weapons Configuration

It really all depends on playing style I suppose. What exactly are these 2 units "Pimped Out" with, hypothetically?

Without knowing the details I'd advise the broadside, but only because I've got a couple broadsides and no HH's. I plan on using them both eventually.

I believe that BS's were designed to be the back bone,or centre, of a cadre while the HH's were designed to fill the more mobile role's of heavy support.

The bottom line is that both choices have merit and probably should be used together. When points are an issue though, go with the BS's every time. They're a Tau staple. Take them both seperately and give them each the A.S.S. hardpoint along with the hard wired drone controller and two shield drones. This should ensure that they make it the whole game if you use them appropriately. You could also take gun drones instead but it's not so effective.

You just have to love 10 and 1, wherever it's mounted. ;D
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 10:47   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 97
Default Re: Best heavy weapons Configuration

lol the Broadsides are "pimped out" with 2 shield (or gun drones depending on the cost) MT and plus they come standard with the SMS so i can just hide behind cover and blast away at anybody that comes near me.
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Kroot Warrior
Join Date: Jul 2007
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Default Re: Best heavy weapons Configuration

Hmm, I like both units about as much and is completely in line with Shas_O_Jeff.
However, without the A.S.S., the BS are too immobile for my taste.

It's a good, strong firebase, sure. But without the ability to move away from possible threats, they lose alot of their effectiveness. Thus, I would recommend the HH.

If, however, the Broadsides would be equipped with A.S.S., it would be the other way around.
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Default Re: Best heavy weapons Configuration

i personally like broadsides.. but the hammerhead has its advantages... for example, the hammerhead can rush around and take table quarters at the end or near the end of the game, the hammerhead can drop S6 AP4 pie plates on the the enemy, the broadside has TL railguns that cant drop templates and the broadside can only move 12 inches a turn(without A.S.S.) plus the hammerhead can take out smaller light vehicles if you give it seeker missles and have a team of pathfinders on the table.
but thats only me, you can do what ever you like in your games...
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 17:26   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Best heavy weapons Configuration

Neither unit fulfills all roles. Broadsides have slightly greater accuracy and are cheaper. Hammerheads have good armor and are fast.

I use both in my game. The Broadsides are the snipers, striking from range and cover. The Hammerhead is the flash, drawing my opponents attention. Of the two, I find the broadsides more lethal, but sometimes not mobile enough to get a shot.
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Default Re: Best heavy weapons Configuration

Ah the HH, a useful, but expensive, fire magnet.
Any opponent who sees a gun that big on top of a tank is going to try to kill it. I find a combination to be very effective; the BS to actually kill things, and the HH to take one good shot and spend the rest of the time with half the opponents army trotting after it.
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 17:52   #8 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: Best heavy weapons Configuration

Personally I would say a Hammerhead. The first thing, you only have to move 1 model, makes it great for us lazy gamers. Secondly, it has a Submunition Railgiun, meaning it can take on Infantry and Tanks. And the secondary weapon either gets a lot of shots off, or allows you to shoot from behind cover, both while on the move.

However, If your Hammerhead takes too many upgrades it is somewhat of a point sink. In my opinion the best configuaration on a Hammerhead is the Multi-Tracker, Decoy Launcher, Burst Cannon, and whichever gun you choose as main. The burst cannon means you have 3 weapons to go before it is weaponless, Decoy Launcher rerolls immobilized on the glancing table, and the Multi-Tracker allows you to go quite fast and still shoot ^_^
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Default Re: Best heavy weapons Configuration

I've been using a Hammerhead and two units of Broadsides(2 Shield Drones, 'Ui TL, A.S.S., SMS, Bonding, HWDC), and I'm thinking of getting rid of it for either Sniper Drones or some more Broadsides. It's been my experience that it's rarely lasted past 3rd turn, and while it can give out a nice load of shots form the Burst Cannons, I haven't gotten a lot of use of them because it puts me in rapid-fire range of a few heavy weapons, and the units it would be most effective against(IG, Nids) travel in packs.

While the sub munition is certainly nice, it will miss 1/3 of the time(average of 4 shots in a game will land), and at 160 points a piece, I don't think it is entirely worth it(I could have 2 more A.S.S. Broadsides for that price!). Especially when anything S7 or higher has a roughly 50/50 shot of destroying it or neutering it. I'd much rather have either a unit that can't be seen outside of 36" or a unit that can take at least 2 hits before I lose a gun.

One of the neater things of both Snipers and Broadsides is that they can't always be seen by everything the enemy has. Where as a Hammerhead has a "Shoot me; I'm right here!" sign above it.
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Default Re: Best heavy weapons Configuration

I like hammerheads because it is easier to respond to threats with them, but it really is close competition with the broadsides due to accuracy issues.
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