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[Batrep] Tau Vs. Eldar 1700 Points
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Default [Batrep] Tau Vs. Eldar 1700 Points

Well, a few weeks ago, I played a game against one of my more common battle bunker opponents, though this time, I came equipped with a Camera, fully intending to write up a battle report within a few days of my game. As it turns, I had no time until now, and were it not for all my pictures... I would have forgotten everything. But, lucky for me, pics are a great way to help remember things

[size=12pt]D'yanoi 20th Air Cavalry Suam'Sha Cadre[/size]

Shas'O D'Yanoi Shas'Nan “Fireblade”
Shield Generator
HW Multi Tracker 132

Fireknife 7
HW Multi-Tracker 78

Team Leader Ui'Kais'Ka
Helios 8
Hw Multitracker 73

6 Stealth Shas'ui
Targeting arrays 240


12 FW
Ui'B'kak 130

12 FW
Decoy Launcher 225

12 Kroot 84

Fast Attack:
8 Gun Drones 96

8 Pathfinders
Smart Missile System
Decoy Launcher 221

Targetting array
Decoy Launchers
Fusion Blaster
Seeker Missile 85

Heavy Support:

Hammerhead Gunship
Burst Canons
Target Lock
Decoy Launcher 170

Smart Missile System
Target Lock
Decoy Launcher 165

Total :1699

Avatar of Khaine

Fortune, Doom
Runes of Witnessing

None... surprisingly

10 Dire Avengers
Exarch with Twin Shuricats, Bladestorm
Wave Serpent,
Twin Linked Brightlance, and all the fixings

10 Pathfinders

12 Guardians with EML

Fast Attack:

7 Swooping Hawks
Exarch with Sun Rifle... and other stuff?

Heavy Support:
Fire Prism
Shurican Canon
Vectored Engines, and all the other fixings

5 Dark Reapers
Exarch with Quick Shot, and Tempest Launcher?


Total: 1700 Points

Mission and setup:
The game was Gamma Recon, so nothing too complicated there. I lost the roll for, table sides, so I deployed first.
I placed My hammerhead behind the large ruins on my right flank, alongside the mounted Fire Warriors. In those same ruins went my un-mounted Fire Warriors, Shas’O and Pathfinders. Pathfinder Devilfish set up with the Piranha behind the forest just in front of the center of my DZ. My Skyray, and Fireknife Suit were in/behind the forest on my left flank.

The Eldar countered my strong right flank with the Dire Serpent behind the ruins on his left flank; his guardians set up in the forest with the Avatar. In the central forest went the wraithlord, Dark Reapers and Farseer. Finally The Fire Prism went to the right flank.

I got to deploy infiltrators first, so the Stealth suits went into the small ruins on the right, in the hopes of pushing back his pathfinders into the ruins... but not far enough. The kroot went 6+ inches into the forest in the center. Both armies’ pathfinders used their scout moves to advance through their respective ruins. My opponent then got first turn...


Turn 1:

The MCs, Dire Serpent, and Fire Prism all advance straight ahead. The Farseer fortunes the Dark Reapers. In shooting, the pathfinders and Prism both hit the Stealths, knocking out 5, though the last one remains standing. The Wraithlord and Dark Reapers take aim at the pathfinders, killing 4, the remainder promptly falling back 3”. The rest has no line of sight.

On my left flank, my Fireknife and Skyray advance to the center to draw LoS to the Wraithlord; my remaining Stealth suit stands firm and manages to gun down a pathfinder. My Armour all advances, going around their respective pieces of terrain. In the ruins, my fire warriors hold still, but my pathfinders fail to regroup and fall back another 4”.

Shooting is rather ineffective, as my Fireknife and skyray fail to wound the wraithlord, my kroot, hammerhead and pathfinder devilfish manage only to kill a single Dark Reaper. My suits then jump back into cover.

[size=12pt]Turn 2:[/size]

The Wraithlord, Farseer and Fire Prism both advance directly ahead and the pathfinders scoot from one ruin to another, to be able to shoot my suits later on. On my right flank, the Eldar advance with everything, the Wave serpent dropping off the Dire Avengers in front of my ruined stronghold.

The Eldar foot soldiers try to gun down my Firewarriors, but they are too far into cover, and can’t be seen. The Eldar heavy support is much more effective however, as the Dark Reapers repeatedly shake my piranha, and the Fire Prism shoots it down, with an immobilize (which was rerolled... and came up immobilized again). The Wraithlord guns down the pathfinder devilfish with a glancing 5... followed by a second 5 on the re-roll.

My Helios crisis suit and drones both come in from reserves, and somewhat unhappy at the death of 2 skimmers, I deepstrike him on my right flank, just in range of the enemy Wave Serpent. My firewarriors advance through the ruins, and my mounted firewarriors drop down within twelve inches of the Dire Avengers, my commander close behind. My hammerhead scurries to the left, directly on top of the wrecked devilfish, to get LoS to the elder troops. On my left, the crisis suit and skyray both move to get into position to attack the Fire prism, while Stealth suit and deepstriking Drones move in to engage the pathfinders.

Shooting is quite eventful, as my fireknife immobilizes the fire prism (damn you vectored engines!) while the gun drones and stealth kill 3 more pathfinders and pin the unit, with marker lights helping reduce the cover save. My remaining pathfinders rally, and regroup, taking a few pot-shots at the wraithlord... and manage to inflict a wound!. On my right flank however, 48 rapid fire pulse rifle shots from my fire warriors only manage to kill 7 Dire avengers. Luckily, 6 more shots from the hammerhead finished off the three survivors, while 6 guardians succumbed to a railgun submunition, and 3 more fell to my devilfish and gun drones. However, my Shas’O and Helios are somewhat ineffective, as the Helios is just out of range, and my Shas’O barely manages to shake the wave serpent.

In my assault move, all suits that could jumped back out of LoS.

[size=12pt]Turn 3:[/size]

The Eldar, somewhat disoriented by the loss of the Dire Avengers, scatter across the board, with the wave serpent scooting 24” behind cover, the Avatar and Guardians advancing on the Mounted Fire warriors, while the farseer and wraithlord moved in on the hammerhead.

In shooting, he managed to destroy yet another skimmer, as the avatar’s melta attack rolled a 5 on the glancing table... followed by another 5. The fire prism and guardians then combined fire on my Firewarriors, though the blast weapons only managed to kill four Tau, now cowering behind the wrecked transport. The dark reapers kill off one or two of my unmounted fire warriors, but both squads stand firm. The wraithlord shoots, but fails to damage the hammerhead... and then decides to charge!. As it turns out, he is also just barely within 6”, and with his measly 2 attakcs on the charge... manages to hit my fast moving skimmer. Then, he gets a 5 on the damage table... followed by another 5!. That’s 4 times in a row! (this also gives a nice size 6 tower of burning Tau tanks on the board... )

Tau :
MY firewarriors, sensing impending doom, move in to kill the Eldar Avatar, supported by my crisis suits. On my right flank, my skyray adavances into the Eldar deployment zone, while my Fireknife jumps out to engage the downed fire prism. My stealth suit and gun drones move in for the kill against the pathfinders. My piranha gun drones advance into the open to harass the dark reapers.

Shooting is fairly disappointing, as, on my right flank, I only manage to cause 3 out of 4 wounds on the avatar. My drones fare a little better, shooting and then assaulting the 4 remaining guardians, killing 2 though since they are fearless, I can neither pin them, nor rout them. My pathfinders light up the wraithlord, and actually manage to wound him once with a seeker, leaving him also with a single wound. My fireknife fails to even hit the fire prism though, and my gun drones and Skyray SMS fail to kill any Dark Reapers. However, my gun drones and Stealth suit kill one or 2 more pathfinders in shooting, and then assault, killing all but 1 (whilst loosing 1 drone), who refuses to flee. All in all, not a horrible turn, but the failure to kill either Eldar MC will prove to be quite costly...

(don't mind the Hawks in this picture... I was a little late taking the photo)

[size=12pt]Turn 4:
The Swooping hawks finally make it in, deep striking in a position to attack my fire warriors, with the Avatar advancing on the ruins. The wraith lord passes his wraith sight test, and moves into the forest, while the farseer moves to deal with my pesky gun drones. The wave serpent comes out of cover to deal with my remaining skimmer.

Shooting proves to be deadly for me, as the swooping hawks gun down all 8 remaining fire warriors from my mounted squad, and the dark reapers kill 4-5 more from my un-mounted squad. The Wave serpent shoots and destroys (a glancing 6 this time) my skyray, leaving the fire prism with no targets. The avatar, hoping to assault my remaining fire warriors, finds himself stuck in the open, due to some careful casualty removal. However, the wraithlord assaults and drives off my kroot, who fall back to within 2” of the table edge. I assault, my drones once again prove their worth, killing the last pathfinder, and 2 more guardians, and even holding off an angry farseer!

With the arrival of the Swooping hawks, and the loss of so many troops, I know I am in trouble. On y right flank, everything moves up to deal with the swooping hawks, while my kroot rally in the center of my Deployment Zone. On my left, my drones and Stealth Suit move to possibly deal with the dark reapers, and hopefully survive long enough to score in his Deployment Zone.
In shooting, the drones and stealth manage to kill a single dark reaper, bu they stand firm. My pathfinders, hoping for another lucky shot (or maybe it was because they couldn’t see anything else...) shoot the wraithlord, but fail to kill him. Once again, I have to dedicate a huge amount of fire power to inflict any damage, using both crisis (though the helios’ fusion blasters were useless... ) and my remaining fire warriors to kill the avatar. My two drones do manage to kill a swooping hawk, but they shrug off the minor casualty...

My suits all jump back into cover, as do my drones, though I lose a couple drones from my drone squadron because of some bad dangerous terrain rolls. The farseer again fails to kill my piranha drones though...

[size=12pt]Turn 5:[/size]

The swooping hawks fly away from my crisis suits, hoping to get out of range of my AP 4 weapons. The wraithlord advances on my ruins, while the Wave serpent moves abreast of the downed skyray.

Shooting again goes badly for me, as the wave serpent insta-gibs my fireknife, the fire prism guns down all but 2 drones and my remaining stealth suit, while both my firewarriors and pathfinders are reduced to 2 models and flee.

In assault, my piranha drones tie combat against the farseer, losing one, but inflicting a wound!

Now, all I can hope fore is a draw, so my crisis suits advance up the flank towards the enemy DZ, while the gun drones move around to harass what they can... My kroot advanced behind the forest and the tower of tanks but could not quite reach the forest...

In shooting, my suits and 2 gun drones kill all but the swooping hawk exarch, though my fleeing troops, in their haste to get away, fail to wound the wraithlord (or maybe it was because so few remained?)

In assault, I lose my remaining piranha gun drone to the farseer, while my devilfish gun drones take a casualty to dangerous terrain, and my crisis suit is wounded the same way.

[size=12pt]Turn 6:[/size]

Eldar :
The remaining Eldar now move in for the kill, all drawing LoS to my remaining crisis suits.

My precious crisis are then gunned down mercilessly, as my opponent directs all of his firepower at them.


With only a drone and fleeing fire warriors... there is not much I can do... I try and fail to kill the exarch.. and that is that...

[size=12pt]Final result: [/size]
Solid Eldar Victory

Highlights of the Game:

-Mysteriously disfunctionnal decoy launchers...

-Incredibly effective Tau assaults! (Gun Drones and Stealths are actually decent assault troops, despite what many think)

-My courageous stealth suit, who made all his man-alone tests, after losing the rest of his squad in the first turn.

-My hammerhead gunning down as many Dire Avengers in 6 shots, as one squad of fire warriors in 24...

-The Size 6 Pillar of Wreckage

All in all, a good game... had I been a bit better at killing stuff (D.A.s, the MCs) and not so unfortunate with my tanks, this could have been an entirely different game. I'm also annoyed that, in its innaugural sortie, my piranha happened to be the first of my vehicles to get gunned down

Thanks Vash, for moving this... and for the Karma apparently...
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau Vs. Eldar 1700 Points

Very nice report Mr. T, too bad about the loss but it happens. I always find one learns more in defeat than in victory.

Have a cookie! ;D

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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau Vs. Eldar 1700 Points

Haha, nice battle report.

I suddenly feel bad for putting DLs on my 'heads and 'fishes, I've got a 1500 point skirmish tonight :]

Unlucky though, I'd hate to see my tanks do so badly. Shame you didn't have a Fusion Piranha for the wraith though, that woulda owned.
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau Vs. Eldar 1700 Points

Actually, that's exactly what my piranha was... but he got destroyed 2nd turn by the fire prism... :P
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau Vs. Eldar 1700 Points

If you had better luck with your decoy launchers, you would've probably won this battle. So good luck on your next battle.

PS. That is is a funny stack of tanks you got in this battle.
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau Vs. Eldar 1700 Points

Well, yeah... the decoy launchers were dodgy this game... If any tank had lasted more than a turn of shooting against it... I probably would have done somewhat better. Oh well. That's why this game is so fun, because you never really know what to expect.

And yes, the tower of wrecked tanks was a hilarious addition to the game... ;D

Welcome to the forums!.

However.. those guardsmen in your sig seem a little familiar... I wonder where I've seen them before???

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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau Vs. Eldar 1700 Points

Good match, bad rolls :P

I've found a 8 drone squad, DSing behind enemy lines, is a great way to spread panic among the enemy ranks. NOONE expects Tau to Assault them.
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau Vs. Eldar 1700 Points

great report, shame about the loss!
your loan stealth should become a commander!!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.• Shas'O Venom•´
(¸.• (¸.•
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