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A form of this should go under important topics...
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Default A form of this should go under important topics...

The subject of close combat Tau seems to come up a lot, so i was thinking that one of the mods, or anyone else who fancies something like this, should go through this ( http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=20434.0 ) and pick out the important points about how close combat Tau could be achieved and make it an important topic so people can:
1) see the possible options they have that adhere to fluff
2) add their own ideas to the list if we haven't caught everything in over a year of debate
3) quit posting the same topic and angering those who have no liking whatsoever for close combat tau.

Something should be done as this topic come up a lot and it would save tons of time and effort for multipule people. Please don't just do nothing about this and ignore it.
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