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tau and tzeentch
Closed Thread
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Default tau and tzeentch

what more can be said?
tzeentch is the changer and tau like change.
so, is it possible for tau to actually join tzeentch?

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Default Re: tau and tzeentch

Why didn't you just post this in the Chaos Tau thread?
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Default Re: tau and tzeentch

The Tau don't like change, they merely adapt to it. I'm sure they wouldbe happy without change.

Also, if the Tau were to join tzeentch it wouldn't be because they want to. It would be because Tzeentch would find it usefull to have them fight for him and would manipulate them into doing so, then dispose of them when he's done with them.
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Default Re: tau and tzeentch

There have been quite a few threads on this subject already and there is the current Chaos Tau thread.

Thread locked.

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Closed Thread


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