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Alright up to 1500
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Old 28 Feb 2005, 16:34   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Alright up to 1500

although ive only played games proxying with my tau, ive played quite a few and have a basic idea of what i want. heres 1500 list
Plasma rifle
Missile pod
Multi Tracker
Hardwired drone controller w/ 2 shield drones
6 man stealth team
2X Crisis Suits
Plasma rifle
Missile pod
Multi tracker
1X crisis suit
Burst Cannon
Missile pod
Multi tracker
(anti infantry)
Blue squad
12 fire warriors w/ pulse rifles
Blue Devilfish, burst cannon
Red Squad
12 fire warriors
pulse rifles
shas ui
Red Devilfish, Burst cannon
Green Squad
12 fire warriors
pulse rifles
shas ui
Green Devilfish, Burst cannon
Fast Attack
6 gun drones
Heavy Support
Broadside battlesuit
2X shield drones, TL railgun
Targeting array, smart missile system, railgun

not sure what to do with the 22 points. maybe twin link one of my battlesuit weapons and hardwire the other thing like the multi tracker

Edit by RJay: Edited to remove individual points cost...
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Default Re: Alright up to 1500

I'd love to help, but its a mass of text, can you add spacing and put "-" before upgrades to make it easier to read?
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Default Re: Alright up to 1500

I like the list. The only grip I have is with the shield drones. Take those points and the extra 22 points you have left over and you could afford another suit or broadside, or even fast attack selection of normal gundrones.

But otherwise, good mobile list!
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Default Re: Alright up to 1500

shield drones are a waste because of the majority armor save rules which now over-rule the drone rules.... Shield drones are now only worth it when the character with them has a shield gen and then takes the 2 shield drones... so not worth it ever really.
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