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Renegade Tau?
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Default Renegade Tau?

Aside from the Farsight Enclave, would Tau ever renegade? I was thinking about having mine be renegades, but I wasn't sure if it could happen.
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Default Re: Renegade Tau?

The Farsight Enclave is really as Renegade as any Tau would be....
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Default Re: Renegade Tau?

Ammm ... let me clear something Up.

Farsight Enclave -> largest TAU renegade group known, NOT the only one.

You see cadre is a SMALL unit. So there is absolutely NO reason why the can't desert and become renegade.

Are you looking for a reason? ... Common thats easy ->

-> Commander has some close relations with IG rebels.
-> Convicts (btw thats an interesting topic ^_^) who escaped.
-> "Generally do despise Alliens and they made me work with those nasty kroot!"
-> bad meal plan and health Insurance!!!
-> ETC., ETc., Etc., etc., ...

There are BUNCH of reason why would TAU wanted to desert. No the whole divisions are not doing so, but some Cadres can.

Hear ->

Its GWs stuff not mine. there is a blue suit (His is also on Faol's Avatar) He is a leader of a renegade Cadre (or may be even multiple Cadres).

Hope that helps

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