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Simple commander question.
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Default Simple commander question.

ok it never says i cant fill all hard points with weapons, so since i can give my shas'el or shas'o at the most three hard-wired points am i alowed to load up on weapons for the suits hard points? i want him to be able to deal with many threats and to be vary moble to spread his fire power out where he needs to.
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Default Re: Simple commander question.


All crisis suits have the same ability to take hardpoints. However, the command is the only one who make take more than one hard-wired system (this is a different category).

All suits can take 3 hard points. These can be from weapons to support systems. Then the commander may take more hard-wired systems on top of those 3 hard points. You must always fill your 3 hard points, but you are not required to take hard-wired systems (which are only available to models with access to the armoury, and even then, only your commander may take more than one).

So yes, you could fill up with 3 weapons to fill your hard points, then take hard-wired systems (from the armoury) to add on top of that, thus making a really expensive suit.
One of the most common configuration of what you're talking about looks something like this:

--Plasma Rifle
--Twin-linked Fusion Blaster (1 + 1 twinlinked = 3 hard points)
Hard-wired multi-tracker

This is possible and can be ok to do, but it's not the best way to go, which is why the majority of people don't bother with all those points and extras. Tau are more effective when it's simple, but numerous
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Default Re: Simple commander question.

thanks for the adivce.
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Default Re: Simple commander question.

Althought Malveaux that made me a little confused. In school I always learned that 1+1 is 2!

Taking the config shown I would state it this way!

Plasma Rifle = 1 hard point
Twin-linked Fusion Blaster = 2 hard points (due to twinlinked)
Hard-wired multitracker = Hard wired items are NOT counted towards the minimum of hard points!
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Default Re: Simple commander question.

As I mentioned in the other similar thread - IMO a FB-armed HQ is a bad idea. You need to use the IC rules to your full advantage and trying to stay within 12" (6" if you want the FB to be worth it against vehicles) generally works against your better interests. If you want to use FBs put them on a lone crisis suit and send him on what's likely to be a suicide mission (which really isn't my style but you may like it).

Dizzy has raised the issue (I know it's coming again ) that your railguns are there to take out the heavy armor and thus a FB isn't terribly useful in that role. For marine killing the FB/Pl combo looks great on paper but it relies on doing the cha-cha-cha at the 12" range and that's very risky and downright foolish with an IC - your commander is virtually untouchable as long as he's not the closest model and so you should be using those rules to your best advantage and turning him into a long range killing machine. Let the other crisis suits up close & personal - they have to prove themselves after all.
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Default Re: Simple commander question.

Personally commanders are best in this config if you are not fight a specific opponate:

Plasma Rifle
Missile Pod
Shield gen
HW multi Tracker.

or if you wanted a tank killer exchange the missile pod for a fusion blaster. Commanders don't need twin-linked weapons they already have a BS of 4 or 5.
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Default Re: Simple commander question.

I didn't see anyone mention it, but do not take three different weapons on all three hardpoints.* The Multi-tracker will only allow you to fire two, and the third will invariably be a waste of points (unless it is a flamer).
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Default Re: Simple commander question.

Also one note doesn't underestimate the black sun filter on commander if you field him with missile pod or plasma rifle (or both) as it doesn't cost much and it could really help if you happen to be in nighfigth. And you usually doesn't need to fill all three HW systems.

It saved me a lot times in missins with nightfight rules. So if you don't know in which enviroment you will be fighting think if you can spare the points fo BSF.
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Default Re: Simple commander question.

the reason he has three weapons is to try to be as open as i can make him, i want him to move around the table laying down fire where its needed most, and to alow him to join any unit i have.

im baseing my tatics on the attacking end, for my own reasons, anyway i want my crisis teams to hit enemy elites, have my infantry work with each other and there transports to attack enemy troops in mass to cut holes in the enemy line that i can use latter. i want to be on the move at all times so planing for an attack a few moves ahead will be more trouble for my opponent, just my style of play, try to ceep them off balence and not able to attack back in full force or at all.

thanks for the advice guys.
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Default Re: Simple commander question.

As I understand it, you can take 3 weapons for 3 hardpoints, but if you want to shoot more than one weapon during a given Shooting phase, you need a Multitracker...and Shas'ui's can't take Hardwired multi's, so one Hard point will be taken up by the Multitracker (support)

Shas'vre's, Shas'el's and 'O's can take 3 weapons and hardwire a multi...but as someone stated in an earlier post, only two of the weapons will be able to fire in a given turn, unless you are twin-linking 2 of the 3 weapons.

There are a number of Crisis configurations where 3 weapons ( twin-linked and a single) are viable...check out the configurations at this site for some ideas:


hope this helps

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