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Kroot Units in Tau army
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Kroot Units in Tau army

Since I'm doing a Kroot-themed Tau army, could i use knarlocs, greater knarlocs, vulture kindred, etc. in my army?
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Default Re: Kroot Units in Tau army

Unfortunately we are the only army that cannot take all the Kroot Mercenaries units as attachments.

This to me is stupid since we are technically allied with them, and yet all the other races get to make use of their full abilities.

I thikn the issue is that they are good in CC and that would make the Tau way to powerful, thus we can only use the Kroot units that are listed in our codex.
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Default Re: Kroot Units in Tau army

Yeah, that is a shame. I read through the Kroot Merc book and I liked the options. There's some neat stuff there.

Although the IA3 book uses Knarlocs... Probably would not work at a tournament, but otherwise legal.
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Default Re: Kroot Units in Tau army

IIRC, necrons and 'nids also cannot take kroot mercs.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Kroot Units in Tau army

Along with Space Marines and a jubilee of other armies.

For a Kroot themed Tau Army I'd simply be taking a couple of Kroot squads, maybe putting a couple of knives and stuff on your squad leaders etc. And Anghor Prok, you can't go wrong with him ;D
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Default Re: Kroot Units in Tau army

hell, u want an all kroot army? well, why not use the tau list and convert kroot models to cover the same role. replace tau weapons with kroot made/stolen/scrounged weapons from all races. i saw one guy on here with a pic of his battle suit converted for kroot. if your good at converting and want an all kroot army with tau stats, why not try that?

or you could just use pure kroot mercs

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Default Re: Kroot Units in Tau army

No your not able to use kroot mercs unfortunately [sigh].

However you can use Great Knarlocs.


If you want a kroot themed Tau army, I would do the following.

Take Anghor Prok.

Take at least two kroot squads.

Add kroot bits to your Tau.

Take a look at this link.

Give your shapers pulse carbines and a bonding knife without the special effects.

And in the maybe section.

Use the vulture kindred as a stand in for vespid (use the vespid rules and the kroot models) or even gun drones.

Have Kroot models in fire warrior armour (remember not to use Tau legs, there way to small).

for stealth suits you could have kroot in Tau armour (the 3+ save), a burst cannon (the gun) and say they eat a lot of chameleons (the stealth).

And if you really want to.

Ask your friends if you can use the kroot mercs with your Tau army list.

Hope this helps.

Wall 5.

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Default Re: Kroot Units in Tau army

Just convert regular tau models. here's a "Krootside".

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Default Re: Kroot Units in Tau army

holy crap that is a nice conversion..
and yeah take anghor prok since he is freaking AWESOME and have 5 squads of krrot if you want a t'au/kroot mercenary list...
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Default Re: Kroot Units in Tau army

Originally Posted by Deadnight
Just convert regular tau models. here's a "Krootside".

That looks like Cy-Gor for some reason.....

Deadnight, can you show me the link to the website that have posted this picture?
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