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[BatRep] 1000 Pt Team Tournament (Tau and Eldar)
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Default [BatRep] 1000 Pt Team Tournament (Tau and Eldar)

Last week, I took my Tau to their first tournament, which just happened to be my first, as well. It was a 1000 pt team tournament, each player brining their 1000, and teams were randomly assigned at the start of the tourney. I was playing a hybrid list:

[size=16pt]Tau Army List[/size]
[size=14pt]ARMY NAME: 343rd Run'Ka Cadre[/size]
[size=14pt]Total points: 999[/size]

created by: Eal'ta
author: Joe(yeti)

[size=14pt]++++ [HQ] ++++[/size]

[size=12pt]Points: 127[/size]
% of Army: 12.71

Unit cost: 127
XV8 Shas'o
--- [CIB, Missile pod, Shield generator, HW Multi-tracker]

[size=14pt]++++ [Elites] ++++[/size]

[size=12pt]Points: 182[/size]
% of Army: 18.21

Unit cost: 62
XV8 Shas'ui
--- [Missile pod, Plasma rifle, Multi-tracker]

Unit cost: 120
3x Stealthsuit 'ui
--- [Burst cannon, Targeting array]

[size=14pt]++++ [Troops] ++++[/size]

[size=12pt]Points: 310[/size]
% of Army: 31.03

Unit cost: 100
10x Fire Warrior 'la
--- [Pulse rifle]

Unit cost: 210
10x Fire Warrior 'la
--- [Pulse rifle]
--- [Burst cannon, 2x Gun Drone, Landing gear, Disruption pod, Decoy launchers, Multi-tracker, Target lock, Targeting array]

[size=14pt]++++ [Fast Attack] ++++[/size]

[size=12pt]Points: 195[/size]
% of Army: 19.51

Unit cost: 195
3x Piranha
--- [Burst cannon, 2x Gun drone, Targeting array]

[size=14pt]++++ [Heavy Support] ++++[/size]

[size=12pt]Points: 185[/size]
% of Army: 18.51

Unit cost: 185
--- [Railgun, SMS, Landing gear, Targeting array, Decoy launchers, Disruption pod, Multi-tracker, Target lock]
Total model count: 30

The person I was teamed with was playing Eldar at his first tourney as well. We had an interesting time of it, but a lot of fun.

Game 1: Tau and Eldar v Dark Eldar and Black Templar

This was an interesting game. The match was a Cleanse mission, and my partner and I got to pick our table quarter. The terrain was mostly buildings on one side of the board, with the other being fairly open as the city gave way to the surrounding countryside. We chose one of the built up quarters, leaving the opponents to the opposite corner. They, of course, deployed as far forward as they could, utilizing the one building in their quarter to screen most of their force, including a SM Heavy Weapon squad and two Raiders, one filled with DE Warriors, the other with Wyches. We were left with little choice in our deployment locations, taking advantage of cover as I set up FW to lay fire on the primary attack lane, and he utilized a building to screen his own artillery. I set up my Hammerhead to move around the building quickly so as to take out whatever I could in there, and my teammate infiltrated a Pathfinder squad into an adjoining table quarter inside a building.

My team got to go first. I immediately slid my Hammerhead out, trying to draw a bead on the Raiders, but to no avail. Instead, I submunitioned a Templar squad nearby, not knowing the rules allowing them to move after being fired upon. Meanwhile, my Piranhas and Devilfish came around, firing upon other squads on the far side of the board. Some models died, but not nearly enough. Their turn: the Raiders moved out, the Wyches coming at my FW, the Warriors going at the Pathfinders. The Wyches would need a decent fleet roll to reach my FWs, and proceed to roll a 1. So, they assault the HH instead, the Succubus using his Agonizer to blow off the Railgun. So far as I can remember, that was the only casualty we sustained that round.

Round two didn’t seem much better. My Hammerhead neutered, it slid farther past Templars and fired its SMS into them, lacking other targets. The Wyches were annihilated by rapid-firing FWs and two XV8s, while my teammate concentrated on the Warriors who were nearing his Pathfinders. The bottom of the second saw the DE player move a pack of Warp Beasts up, fleet well, and assault into the FWs that just destroyed the Wyches. They also managed to take down the Elite XV8 due to proximity.

Turn three was rather hurried, as time was running out (2.5 hours isn’t nearly enough for games like this), so we moved, trying to capture table quarters. I had my Piranha squadron, down by one Piranha at this point, in the same quarter as the Pathfinders, helping them to contest the quarter. My HH was contesting another quarter, and most of our units were in our own quarter. We had killed more units of theirs than they had of ours, and were feeling pretty good. But in the bottom of the third, they destroyed a second Piranha, making it no longer scoring, and routed the Pathfinders, giving them the quarter, and the game.

Record: 0-1

Game 2: Tau and Eldar v Eldar and Orks

This was the first time I’d ever played against Orks, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My teammate hadn’t either, so we were in for a treat. The mission was a simple Seek and Destroy. Table had a good mix of terrain, but was slightly odd. There were three buildings running up the middle of the table, two in what became our deployment zone, nearly front to back, and then one in their zone. Also, on one short edge was a four-story monstrosity of a building, looking more like a parking garage than anything else. We picked edge, so they deployed first. They deployed to refuse the flank, anchoring their line on the building in the center of the table, and occupying the entire half that didn’t include the parking garage. In fact, the only unit of theirs which wasn’t on that part of the board was a single Rokkit Boy squad which was in cover at the edge of the parking garage. We deployed most of our ground forces in front of them, while deploying our vehicles (read: mine and his one Falcon) on the other side, ready to swing them into their lines in hopes of rolling them up.

We went first again. First thing I did was move my Piranhas straight up and fire them into the Rokkits. They went below mob strength and broke. Otherwise, it was a fairly uneventful turn, as some indirect fire was sent into the horde, some shots fired by footsloggers, and I made the biggest mistake I made all tourney: I fired my HH as submunition into the Orks rather than shooting the Wave Serpent he had sitting behind the line. They did little on their turn. A Wraithlord fired at my teammate’s Wraithlord, the entire line moved up, and that was mostly it.

Turn two fared little better. I was able to eliminate some Pathfinders with a well-place FW squad, some Orks died, and I moved my vehicles into position to crash into the flank. My stealthsuits deep struck, but scattered off the table. I still hadn’t shot at the Wave Serpent. Their turn involved shooting off the Railgun, and a few more shots fired at some of my teammates units. Most of his Guardian squad was gone, a Pathfinder dead, but otherwise mostly intact.

Turn three saw me trying to move my HH, now little more than a mobile hulk, trying to get into position to screen against the oncoming green tide for my FWs and my teammate’s Pathfinders, but couldn’t get far enough. On their turn, the Wave Serpent deployed directly in front of my ‘fish, disgorging its squad of Fire Dragons. Orks destroyed the ‘fish and HH, while the Dragons took out the one Piranha that was visible at the moment.

By the end of turn Four, when the game was called for time, our opponents had won, as my team collectively had 4 units left on the board: my two FW squads (which had taken surprisingly few casualties), his artillery squad, and his HQ.

Record: 0-2

Game 3: Tau and Eldar v Space Wolves and Raven Guard

This one was going to prove interesting. Terrain were mostly hills blocking LOS, but not providing difficult terrain. Mission was Recon, and they chose table edge, so we deployed first. Most of our troops concentrated behind a large hill, while we prepared to send his Falcon and my loaded ‘fish up one side (aimed at a Landspeeder and Whirlwind) nearby, my HH was deployed with his HQ and Wraithlord behind some cover in the middle of the board, and my Piranhas were set to make a run up the far side, near a Predator and some more Landspeeders.

They got to go first. The Landspeeders moved up. The one by itself did no damage to anything, while the ones near my Piranhas managed to destroy one, forcing them to disgorge their drones. A Devestator squad fired 3 lascannons and a rocket launcher at my DF, did nothing. Bottom of the first, I moved the remaining Piranhas forward, took out a Landspeeder. His Falcon shook the Landspeeder, while the DF moved forward, firing at the Whirlwind and shaking it. The HH moved up and fired at the Pred, penning, then immobilizing and stunning it.

Turn two the Wolves deepstrike behind the hill we’re cowering behind. Luckily, they do little damage this turn. Most of what was previously on the field had been neutralized, so little other damage. Another Landspeeder moves up near my Piranhas, fires at the Wraithlord and does nothing. On our turn I move my deployed FW squad around to rapid fire at the wolves, and they do little. The other FW squad runs out of the ‘fish and fires into the Whirlwind, doing nothing. We do destroy the previously shaken Landspeeder, manage to re-shake the Whirlwind with his Guardians, my HH finishes off the Predator, and between the Piranhas and drones destroy all the weapons on the remaining Landspeeder.

Turn three sees the second of three drop pods by the Space Wolves player: a Venerable Dread on the other side of my FW squad. Needless to say they got destroyed; a lone FW survived, passing his ld check. Otherwise, most of our units make it through; I think we lost my DF to the Devestator squad, my elite Crisis and Stealthsuits were destroyed, but most of his stuff survived. On our turn, the FW makes his Last Man Standing check, drops behind the Dreadnaught, and rapid fires, shaking him for next turn – which might have proved more useful had there been another turn. Utilizing the strength we had left on the board, we destroyed most of the Marines left (other than the Wolves that deep struck), and I moved my Piranhas 24” to grab their deployment zone. At the end, the Raven Guard player had been annihilated and more than half the Wolves had either died or not come in, allowing our team to pull off the victory.

Record: 1-2

Overall, while we didn’t place and none of the games went to conclusion, I learned some valuable things:

1) Don’t panic when drop pods fall. While this necessitates quick thinking, it doesn’t mean you’re dead.
2) Never, under any circumstances, pass up a clear shot on a transport. Sure, it was Eldar, but I still had a chance to kill it, and I passed it up twice. Never again.
3) Deployment is one of the keys to any game; a well deployed army will do good even in the face of a superior enemy.
4) Did I mention shooting all transports? That one still bugs me…

Sorry for the lack of detail, but it was a fun experience, and I can't wait until the next tourney.

Shepard Book once told me, "Can't do something smart, do something right."
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