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broadside setups
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Kroot Warrior
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Default broadside setups

i know everyone has there own way of using them (broadsides) but i think that i have a good set up for them.....

well to start all of them are monat teams, then i up-grade them to shas'vre, then this is where i brake away from the norm i give them advanced stabilisation systems, wich i woneder why people over look them on broadsides.... they make it so that they can move and still shoot.... whats not to like.... then i give them HWMT....... i think it works but i see if you have tight points that you would pass up thies up-grades but points are not really a problem for me
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Default Re: broadside setups

I think people dont use the A.S.S because it costs ten points to make you always move as if you were in difficult...

This could be helpful, however, Most people just use the broadside as a way to prevent enemies from setting up there. Personally, everyone I play against never sets up in front of my broadside.
Most the time, even moving full distance and firing will still not give you no good shots. So you could just move your normal 6 inches anyways.
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Default Re: broadside setups

I'm giving both of mine a Target Lock so they can attack any vehicle on the map. I am mainly using them for long range armor defense. In addition to two broadsides I run an HQ Shas'O with a CIB, SG, and a MP (thats 7 attacks within 18 inches), an XV8 two-part Shas'ui squad with a fireknife configuration, and then another two man Shas'ui squad, both using a fusion blaster and a burst cannon. I like this because all of the squads depend on each other, the fusions and burst in front are great against Space Marines, the HQ and Fireknifes are just your standard anti infantry, and the Broadsides with target lock are able to take out armor that could pose a threat to the other suits.
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Default Re: broadside setups

My setup is..

three broadsides with a shas'vre. Standard hardpoint is a.s.s, the shas'vre has a hw target lock, multi tracker, and drone controller. two shield drones supporting (which is usually all you need to survive.)
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Default Re: broadside setups

2 Broadsides with TA, I don't bother with the plasma-rifles since I'm not counting on anything getting close enough (if they get within 12", you're doing something wrong, and over that range, Railguns are better ), and this way, they can be counted on to take out almost anything.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: broadside setups

Sounds promising, but yes the targeting is good if you are able to hit them, And I have seen them in a team of three, have you considered that?

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Default Re: broadside setups

i do pretty much the same =D
its the way to go.
a moving and shooting S10 weapon whats not to love =D

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