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Markerlight Target Designators
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Default Markerlight Target Designators

Under the pathfinders entry in the Tau Codex it states that Pathfinders are equipped with a pulse carbine with markerlight target designators. Does this mean that the pathfinders carbine counts as two separate weapons (a carbine and a markerlight) which must be used separately (i.e. can only fire one of the two a turn) or as a carbine which causes markerlight effects?

I am thinking it is the latter though I am not sure, I&#39;ve not had much experience with pathfinders so I have not come across this before!

PS if the whole pathfinder squad shoots at a squad with its markerlight weapon (whatever it may be), I take it that each markerlight hit causes a markerlight counter...because that is so awesome that it is too good to be true.
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Default Re: Markerlight Target Designators

It&#39;s treated as two separate weapons, a Pulse Carbine and a Markerlight. Without any extra upgrades you can elect to shoot one only. And yep, each markerlight hit results in a counter being placed at the target.

Note that the normal shooting orders apply, shooting with a markerlight is treated just like any other squad going through its shooting phase; you can&#39;t have two squads &#39;shoot simultaneously&#39; and use its markerlight to benefit the other squad (in the case of having a markerlight on the Shas&#39;Ui for example). So obviously the counters can only be used by squads shooting after this squad has shot.
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