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Valid Tactic? (TL/MT)
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Default Valid Tactic? (TL/MT)

Is it a valid tactic to take a target lock and a multi-tracker, so that you can shoot two separate targets with two different weapons? Because I've seen a lot of people discuss it. My local group says that that doesn't work. So why does it work if its a valid tactic.
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Default Re: Valid Tactic? (TL/MT)

No that is not legal.

Target lock allows the user to fire at a different target than the rest of the squad not fire two weapons at two targets from the same model.

Only Commander Shadowsun has a advanced target lock that allows her to fire her Fusion Blasters at two targets.

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Default Re: Valid Tactic? (TL/MT)

the tau tank target lock allows you to choose seperate targets for each gun but this is only vehicles.
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