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Ion-HH for a spearhead?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Ion-HH for a spearhead?

Hey y'all

How effective would a cheap, Ion cannon+burst cannons HH be for spearheading a tau army? Would it need target lock to really be effective?

Basically my plan would be to have it out there at the front distracting the enemy for the first, maybe second, turn(s) while my fragile piranahs and FoF teams move into place. Hopefully he would be able to make back his points, but his main draw would be to force the enemy to go "oh man, a hammerhead, I better kill it first".

If this is a decent way to use it, what level of points would be best? 1250-1500?
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Default Re: Ion-HH for a spearhead?

you need some support or fast attack units should melta side army and the Flames and Explosions and you'll have lost one of my favorite units.

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Default Re: Ion-HH for a spearhead?

Honestly, I don't think that's a great idea just because you're going to have a lot of side shots. Personally, I keep my hammerheads on the sides and I try to grab a side of the board and turn the enemy's flank instead of ever making a central assault. We're not Imperial Guard afterall.
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Default Re: Ion-HH for a spearhead?

It's a valid and effective tactic from 500pts on up, as hammerheads tend to be rather large targets.

Now, don't get carried away, exposing it to meltas that otherwise wouldn't have a target or anything silly, but if your opponent has a dev squad with LOS to a buncha stuff...those shots are going somewhere, and taking a missile on a hammerhead is a lot safer than taking it on piranhas.

I advise you spring for decoy launchers, as if you're using it aggressively as a fire sponge, they provide a nifty bonus for 5pts. I also suggest the MT, so you can fire the burst cannons as well....more of an offensive bonus, but if you intend to be up close, you might as well get some more firepower out of the deal. Besides, piles of dead bodies make a great incentive for your opponent to shoot it.

If your opponent is melee heavy as well, fletchettes. Ignore other upgrades, as for something that's mostly a sponge, it shouldn't need them.
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Default Re: Ion-HH for a spearhead?

None of your units should be throw away. Our tanks are survivable enough and we are mobile enough that you wont have to have a "distraction" like that. Turn 2 you should be where you need to be with all your stuff. Decoy Launchers are a must with all your tanks (piranhas excluded)...plz dont leave home without them. Dont expect to throw your hammerhead out their next to your piranhas and have the opponent only shoot at the head. All it takes is one heavy bolter to ruin that piranhas day. You shouldnt be exposing them. With 24" of movement, you can defenantly jet them up to hide what ever cover is avaliable.

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